No Vision Board? No problem. Here’s what to do instead.


Vision Board?Vision board, smision board.

To be fair, I was going to give that trend a try this year. But then, I had a realization about my intentions, and I’m glad I did. 

Despite that opening line, I’m not at all knocking vision boards or goal-setting here. Trust me, list-making is one of my favorite pastimes. But somewhere in between the searching online to find an example board or at least a template to copy, and then to make lists of things to possibly include, something stopped me.

I did a gut check and knew myself well enough to know whatever I created wouldn’t get a second look.

I didn’t need to create a vision. I needed to better and more intentionally live out my vision.

So in less time than it took to do that initial board research, I did all of this instead:

  • Reached out to two people asking for help on how I could get more freelance work (in a different arena than I’d be used to)
  • Baked a week’s worth of a healthy breakfast recipe so I had no excuse to make a calorie-packed morning stop
  • Walked boldly into the playroom—while the kids were in there(!)— to purge
    • Side note: husbands are never so attractive as when they’re loading up the truck with loads of donations to drop off, am I right?!
  • Committed to a budget conversation with my husband, after we’ve taken several months off 
  • Started a prayer journal and wrote people’s names for whom to pray
    • After all, I do still believe there’s something to the law of attraction logic. The positive thinking part of the vision board process is excellent, so I only want to do my part to put goodness out there in the world. And I want to model for my kids how to be someone for others.

Now, there’s no arguing that there is power in spending time thinking about what you really want, and then in writing that down. But I’ve found there’s even more power in doing what you want.

I was simply sick of not showing up for myself.

Let me tell you, it was time well spent. It wasn’t just items I crossed off my list; I also got some immediate results. I scheduled a meeting with a possible mentor, and I’ve saved my pocketbook and waistline a bit by getting back to better meal planning.

I’m not encouraging a vision board burning party, but I knew mine would need to come with a plan of action to get results.  I’ve watched too many good people wait around for the universe to fulfill their magazine clipping dreams.

I once worked with someone who had something like 100 recipes bookmarked for later use. She never made a single one.

I’m only saying that thinking small and short-term has already helped me work my way toward the bigger goals I have for myself and my family.

So now that you’ve read this, mama, I dare you to do one thing differently, too.