How to Survive Summer While Pregnant


Nebraska summers are hot and humid; there is no denying that. A way to make them even more overheated and fun?

Throw on a pregnancy!

I got pregnant with my first around labor day and therefore had the wonderful experience of going through winter pregnant and not having to worry about a coat due to my little space heater keeping me warm into spring. Unfortunately, my planning skills went out the window with the next 2 pregnancies, and I found myself spending my summers in my 3rd trimester. It became clear I needed to come up with some survival skills on how to still enjoy the summer but also not feel like I am constantly melting. 

summer while pregnant

Invest in a pool

I know that pool memberships can be expensive – so why not run to Target and grab an inflatable pool for $20 bucks? They make them big enough and long enough; you should be able to fit comfortably and float your days away. It’s also a plus if you have kiddos who will join you, spray their water guns at you, and make sure you don’t forget about them mid-float. This is a great way to help with those aches and pains no matter what trimester you are in. Here is the one I’d recommend from Target. But if you don’t want to blow up a pool, check out our splash pad guide where your older kids can play and you can keep cool in your summer pregnancy!

Mocktails while PregnantPerfect the ultimate mocktail

Let’s be honest – there are some days that a delicious cocktail sounds amazing – especially one you can sip while floating in your backyard – and with it being so hot – you need to stay hydrated. Allow me to share two of my favorites;

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The less clothes, the better

Anyone who has experienced a summer third trimester will tell you -– the less clothes and heat you’re packing –- the happier you are. I have two boys in baseball this summer, so sitting in the a/c isn’t part of the plan. I am living in shorts and tanks and have found the most comfortable breathable ones at Gap Maternity – they have regular tanks, tees and high shelf tanks made of the most lightweight and comfortable material that I don’t feel overheated in. You can find them here. I find myself living in these all summer, and every now and then, swapping them out for a sundress.

These tips have gotten me through a summer of pregnancy with my sanity.

What are your warm weather tips for pregnancy survival?

We’d love to hear how you stay cool! 

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