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Flowers are blooming, and it brings me back to my childhood. My mom loves to garden, and her gardens are grand.

Every spring and summery Saturday morning, my mama spends some time out in her gardens clipping a few blooms off, brings them back inside, and begins arranging them ever so perfectly in little vases. She spends more time placing them strategically around the house, and she always has a little vase with fresh roses, a hydrangea bloom, or other flowers in the guest bathroom.

I hate to admit it because it boosts her ego, but once again, my mother has inspired me.

I don’t have the time to keep up with a garden the way she somehow seems to, but I wanted to share my spin on a few super simple DIY flower arrangement for under $25 bucks straight from Trader Joe’s!

Finding Flowers

We all have that Trader Joe’s “must-have item”. . .

Mine is before you even hit the shelves, TJ flowers!

TJ’s selection, quality, and price point of in-season blooms along with greenery just can’t be beaten.

You can choose whatever meets your fancy, or if you are planning to give some arrangements away as gifts, pick up the recipient’s favorite color or floral.

Here is what I typically go for:

Ranunculus ($5.99)

Hydrangeas ($5.99)

Petite Bouquet ($3.99)

Eucalyptus bunches ($3.99)

Waxflower grower bunch ($3.99)


Floral Arranging

Once you get your flowers home, round up some vases that you have lying around, mason jars, a sugar bowl, or little decorative teapots. If you don’t have any, check out the closest dollar tree. There is no need to spend money on lavish vases, especially if you are going to be giving them away as gifts. If you have a pair of shears, you will want to use them to cut the stems to fit into your vases. Next, put your array of stems in a basket to work out of this method, which also helps contain any mess that might occur. Let your creativity take over; I find it is therapeutic to create something with fresh flowers to brighten up your home. I like to sit back and look at the romantic styles that I can create.

Finding Flower Arrangement Homes

On this flower haul, I was able to put together FIVE arrangements, again all under 25 bucks! Once you have your creations finished, find spots to place your blossoms, or give them away as gifts! There is truth in the healing power of flowers. The blooms aren’t just beautiful. There are proven studies that show that flowers offer an array of medicinal benefits to help keep your positive spirit up during a rough patch.

Dining Room Table

table centerpiece flowers

I enjoy mixing up my table centerpieces with different seasons and holidays. Nothing screams spring like pink and white blossoms!


Mason jar with flowers

A mason jar next to your sink filled with your favorites.

Sofa Table

eucalyptus arrangement

To add just a touch of greenery to your space, throw a bit of eucalyptus in a taller vase.

End Table in Living Room

Petit flower arrangement

I went back and forth between the guest bathroom and the end table on this arrangement. I enjoyed the pop of color this gave to my living room.


This arrangement was the $3.99 “petite bouquet”. . . a beautiful bunch for three bucks of which would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or a friend’s birthday!

If you have a luscious garden, cut some flower stems, and get lost in creating something beautiful. Or go to Trader Joe’s!

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Meg is originally from Wichita, Kansas. Go Shockers! She found her passion of real estate management at an early age and has been in the industry for 12 years. Meg is a boss babe, owning her own management firm since 2014. When she isn’t busy running circles around her daughter Norah (2), traveling for work, or accessorizing her outfits, you can find her at Target (almost daily). In her free time she enjoys a scrumptious weekend brunch on a patio, yoga, scouring TJ Maxx for frugal finds, and personal development. Meg is passionate about her family, friends, Nebraska football, while loving and growing her mom tribe.


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