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Quality Time = Being Present

I’m a big proponent of spending quality time with my children. Any family member, in fact. Our time is one of the most valuable...

A Thank You Letter from a Working Mom

Being a mom is hard, being a working mom is a totally different kind of hard. It is hard to want a career and...

You Have Your Hands Full, Mama:: What You Didn’t See

I took my horse and pony show to Walmart today. It was the end of Christmas break. Everyone was exhausted from traveling, experiencing a...

Comments Over People:: Getting Past Our Entitled & Opinionated Culture

My Experience Most days, I wake up realizing we don’t have food to eat. Food did not magically appear overnight as I hoped. I do...

Slow Down:: Finding Your Speed Limit When You’re Going Too Fast

We live in Bennington. And if you’ve ever been out here, you most likely took one of two ways: Highway 36 or 168th Street. We...

World Breastfeeding Week: How My Circle Viewed Extended Breastfeeding

Extended Breastfeeding. It's a term that makes a lot of people in the American culture cringe. Anything past one year? YUCK! Before I even had...

Omaha Moms Blog:: Introducing Sara

Omaha Hi Mamas! My name is Sara Hoogeveen. I couldn’t be more excited to begin sharing my personal thoughts and journeys with you via Omaha...

The Mother I Wanted to be Versus the Mom I am...

Before becoming a mom, I held many ideas of the kind of mom I wanted to be for my children. I looked forward to...

The Kitchen Table

Years ago, we acquired a kitchen table when our table for four would no longer accommodate our family of five. The previous owner gushed...

ISO: Casual Mom Friend

I felt like taking out an ad that read:  I want to live more fully and explore the world of motherhood with a few close...

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