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Summer Family Trip Traditions:: Making the Most of a Few Summers

I recently saw a meme that brought a harsh reality into mind: You only have 18 summers with your kids, so make each one count. While...

The Kitchen Table

Years ago, we acquired a kitchen table when our table for four would no longer accommodate our family of five. The previous owner gushed...

Thankful for Nurses:: National Nurses Day

It's National Nurses Day and every year my daughter and I make a special trip to Bergan Mercy Hospital and this year will be...

Make Journaling Work for You

You’re tired and busy. The last thing you want is to add something to your to do list. I get it. But may I suggest log booking or journaling?

Salty Sweet Cookies of Love, Patience, and Priorities

  My mom taught me many important lessons. The most important one I learned when I was only four years old. As a very strong-willed...

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