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Helping Your Introverted Child Make Friends

  It can be quite confusing if your happy-go-lucky child suddenly begins behaving differently in public than at home. He might become withdrawn even when...

Salty Sweet Cookies of Love, Patience, and Priorities

  My mom taught me many important lessons. The most important one I learned when I was only four years old. As a very strong-willed...

Peace in Life’s Hurricane

Tonight as I was scarfing my dinner down at a pace that would put a wild dog to shame, I looked up to find...

A Mother’s Day Wish

As Mother’s Day approaches once again, I brace myself for the roller coaster of feelings that inevitably come with it. Eleven years ago, after...

LOVE Languages

When I think about relationships and marriage, something that ALWAYS comes to mind are the 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Hey Mamas, You’re Beautiful

Hey, Mamas, you’re beautiful. Has anyone told you this lately? Because it’s true. And I know you don’t always feel it.

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Best Omaha Selfie Spots with Your Mini Me

Have you ever wondered where is the best place in Omaha to take a picture with you and your little one? For me, it started...

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