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Four Reasons I Love Living in Bellevue, Nebraska

I love living in Bellevue, Nebraska! I do. Bellevue means beautiful view, and if you know where to go in the third biggest city...

Keeping the Sizzle in Your Marriage

My husband and I were getting snappy with each other, never a good sign. I ran through the possible reasons in my head: Tired?...

What I Love About Being a Mommy

I love being a mommy. There are many reasons why this is true. It's difficult to sum them up to a few! We all know...

Weird Love: 4 Things I Love About My Husband

I am in love with love.  As much as I love cerebral indie movies, my favorite ones will always be the ones where girl-next-door gets...

Learning to Love My Face—Sans Makeup

Growing up I was taught to never leave the house without a full face of makeup. My mother was passionate about always looking her...

Celebrate a Month of Love in Omaha with the OMB this...

Who doesn't love feeling loved? Love is what drives us and what holds our families and communities together. It is what we all need! During...

Spouse’s Day:: Creative Ways to Show You Love Them

If you’re feeling sad that the holidays are now over, don’t fear! You can now add Spouse's Day to your winter holiday celebrations. Spouse's...

What I Learned About Love From my Divorced Parents

Five years old—that is how old my firstborn is right now. When I was his age, I finally started to comprehend what it meant...

How to Discuss Consent, Sex, and Healthy Relationships at Every Age

Healthy relationships are important in all stages of life, and talking with your kid(s) about it should start earlier than you think. Knowing when...

Date Series:: Staying In–Not Your Ordinary Date Night

Date Night!   I always love hearing those words and the idea of what they bring: a much needed break; time to not JUST be parents,...

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Best Omaha Selfie Spots with Your Mini Me

Have you ever wondered where is the best place in Omaha to take a picture with you and your little one? For me, it started...

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