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The Power of a Mentor

As moms & dads we are put to the test when it comes to raising kids. What is right, what is wrong, how you...

How to Beat the Isolation of Food Allergies During the Holidays

You see, we often skip events or cannot participate because of our food allergies.According to Food Allergy Research and Education, up to 15 million people in the United States have food allergies, including about 1 in 13 children (and 30% of those children are allergic to more than one food.)

Remember the Magic: Happy Holidays

Magic of the holidays, for many, can be a stress filled time. Life is messy, busy, never goes as planned, and can feel overwhelming during the hustle and bustle.

10 Days of Simple: Helping Your Family Have a Less Materialistic...

Since my own heart bends toward MORE, MORE, MORE I decided to ask around and glean some ideas from others and share my own on how to have a less materialistic Christmas.

Holiday Traditions with Friends

Over the years, as we have grown into “adulthood” (wow- that word makes us sound old) we have started our own holiday traditions with each other.

A Christmas Budgeting Carol

The ghosts show Scrooge his mistakes and what his future could be like if he continues in his terrible ways. While I cannot perfectly predict what your financial future will look like, I do want to share some Past, Present, and Future budgeting tips.

It’s National Coffee Day! Local Omaha Coffee Houses You’ve Gotta Try

So, you find yourself with more than a few minutes to drive thru for your favorite caffeinated drink. Huzzah! You want something a little...

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