They’re Watching You, Dad


Father’s Day is almost here. It is a special day to celebrate and remember all of the fathers out there. I can’t imagine being a dad is easy. They have so many expectations to live by, and so many hands to hold. One day doesn’t seem to be enough to celebrate all that they do.

They watch you

The thing is, though, whether you realize it or not, you are being celebrated every day. Because, Dad, they’re watching you. They watch you wake up early and get home late. They watch you dance with their sister in the living room to their favorite, silliest, song. They watch you sneak them ice cream when Mom’s not looking. They watch you love their mother with your whole heart. They watch you teach them how to bait a hook. They watch your patience as you teach another child how to hold the bat. They watch you as you hold to consequences. They watch you give in. They watch you treat others with respect.  They watch you struggle. They watch you have fun.

They love you

Your children look up to you. They want to be you. They love you. Like the love when you held them for the first time, or when you watched them smile, laugh, walk, ride a bike, or drive a car for the first time. Because even though that’s the word here, first time. There are a lot of firsts that you may not be able to be around for, and that’s OK. Whether or not you believe it, your children know that it’s not your decision that you may miss a first game or the loss of their first tooth. They know that their Dad is out working hard for their family, to provide them with what they have. We all know.

So, Dad, today is for you. You are their dad and they are proud of you. We are proud of you. You should be proud of you too, because today is for you and all that you do.

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Kelsi is a small-town girl at heart living in what her dad calls ‘the big city’. She is a wife to Joe and mom to girls, Harper (3 year) and Kollins (9 months). She has a chocolate lab named Rollie who can prove to be the most high-maintenance of them all. Besides being a wife & mom Kelsi works full-time at a local non-profit. In her spare time, she loves traveling around NE visiting family, Husker game days, friends, drinks and patios.