Bake For Family Fun Month:: Ideas to For More Family Time


You probably have the same puzzled look on your face as I do reading this . . . there is such an event as “National Bake For Family Fun Month?!”

You got that right . . .

Bake For Family Fun Month

Bake for Family Fun Month History

The Home Baking Association founded Bake for Family Fun Month in 2002 to encourage families to spend more time together, mixing up something delicious throughout February.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get your kiddos to help you with dessert for Sunday dinner or maybe attempt to get your kids to try to spend time with one another without them fighting, then here is some wholesome family entertainment for you. This is all while still offering a hidden teaching opportunity from the heart of your home. Baking does not just get creative juices flowing but also tests out math and reading skills. The most important power of all: following directions!

The idea of this observance is to not just bake one time, but all month long . . . hence the name of the “holiday.”

Baking Ideas

  • Pull out the recipe for your family’s favorite decadent treat and divvy up different things for the kids to handle. Someone to get all of the ingredients ready, someone to measure, mix, pour, set the timer. For the one who isn’t that into it, make them the taste tester.
  • Not into making something from scratch? No problem! Pick up a box of the good ‘ole Pillsbury Valentine’s Day sugar cookies. You know, the “ready-to-bake ones.”
  • Try a new recipe that’s been on your Pinterest board for years.
  • Bake for your Valentine or take a stab at a heart-shaped cake with sprinkles for your kids’ grandparents (if local).
  • Bake cupcakes for your Galentines! I’m thinking of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and pink sprinkles. My birthday in the 18th and I take delivery only.
  • Friday Pizza & Movie Night—try making homemade pizza dough, and everyone gets to make their own personal pan pizza.
  • Whip up some blueberry muffins or waffles for breakfast on a Saturday morning.
  • A fruit pizza is always a fun one for kids to get their hands on!

Baking for Others

If you wish to give the baking-fun month a try this year, ask your family who they would like to bake a treat for. Encourage them to participate in the planning process to help engage them in the family fun. Who knows, you possibly could create a new tradition for your family that will leave a lasting impression for years to come.

It’s time to measure, mix, and bake together!

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