Hey hot mess mom — it’s okay to have it not all together for school


hot mess mom during school timeGoing back to school is rough on the kids, but it can be rough on some of us–the hot mess mom. Goodbye lazy mornings when we can avoid leaving the house before noon. Goodbye blessed “the swimming pool counts as a bath” days. Hello early morning alarm clocks, breakfast before dawn, and the threat of the late bell!

Before my kids were homeschooled, they had to be in their seats at school by 8:05 am…like every day. That may even be part of why we switched to homeschool because I’m not great at functioning before 7:00! Every morning was a struggle to get them up, fed, dressed (in a somewhat coordinated fashion), teeth brushed, and out the door, in time to make it before the front doors at school locked and they had to take the walk of shame to the office.

So, I’m here to let my fellow “hot mess mom” know that it’s okay.

The school drop-off line is a perfectly suitable place for old sweat pants, messy buns, and copious amounts of coffee. I’m here to say that hoodies are a perfectly adequate substitute for a bra and by golly, leggings are pants! 

Maybe your kid thinks sweatpants and a tank-top look lovely together…heck, maybe that’s in style, I can’t be expected to keep up with trends these days. Maybe your kid ate a pop-tart or something else equally quick and easy for breakfast.  Maybe your kid only brushed his top teeth and “forgot” the bottom ones and you didn’t realize it until you kissed him as he was exiting the car. It’s okay hot mess mom. It’s okay to take the “First Day of School” picture on the third day of school, too!

Mornings can be rough.

Some days, you feel like you have it all together and other days, it’s a struggle just to get out of bed. It’s okay. We’re all just doing our best, and 20 years from now, no one will remember the socks with flip flops phase anyways, so cut yourself some slack. It’s absolutely okay to be completely put together in the mornings and have the coordinated outfit, protein-packed homemade breakfast, permission slips pre-signed, and the Bento box packed for lunch. But it’s also absolutely okay to not be that mom. It’s okay to be a hot mess mom.