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Legacy: a thing handed down by a predecessor.  I have come to terms with my Facebook account (among other social media entities) being a part of my legacy.  Is it a time sucker? Absolutely. Can it prevent me from finishing the newest best seller in record time? You betcha! However, I don’t think I would have had the social experiences, connections and day to day outlets that I do without it. It is (crazily enough) part of my happiness.

If you would have told me at my high school graduation that when I was in my 30’s, I would be in contact with over half of my senior class, I would never have believed you.  Finding a Facebook/life balance is always a work in progress. It’s becoming nearly impossible to not have some sort of social media avenue….especially when it comes to us parents having to keep up with the next generation of children. 

Everyone is so funny about over sharing pictures, not sharing opinions, over sharing opinions, not sharing quotes, over sharing quotes….last time I checked there was no Facebook etiquette. Social media has become the norm, yet we feel the need to rip apart the lives/minds/well-being of people….some we don’t even know! I’m all for a good, fruitful debate. But, if we are going to cruelly tear someone down about THEIR opinion because we feel like a bigger person behind a computer screen, then who really looks more silly? Would you let your children act like that on the playground? Most likely not. We’d reprimand them for being a bully!

My opinion most likely will not be changed about global warming or whether or not to vaccinate my children, but the expression of different opinions and DISCUSSING them is what makes life more interesting! 

I over share because if one (or all) of my three (eventually to be) teenage daughters ever try telling me that I ruined their lives, all I have to do is tell them to sign into Mom’s Facebook account and let’s count the ways!! All jokes aside, I want them to see their lives through my eyes. How special they are. What Mommy thought of social events of our time. I don’t scrapbook, so this is it! 

I look back at my Mom or grandparents, who have all passed away (one having had dementia), and think what I wouldn’t give to peek into their lives when they were younger. What were they into? What quotes spoke to them? What were they passionate about? We need to stop feeling odd about posting every single day about anything and everything. Be YOU. Do YOU. If nobody “likes, loves or sads” it, it shouldn’t affect the confidence behind your reasoning for posting.

Nobody changed the world by being stagnant and agreeing with the next person. I guarantee that you will speak to someone out there, no matter how uncommon your opinion may be or no matter if it’s your 10 gazillionth post about how awesome your kids are. It’s a part of your legacy. Live it freely and kindly.


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Lauren is a 30 (and some change) years old mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, outdoor enthused, coffee infused, crunchy, Pinterest junkie, Amazonaholic--the most appropriate title depends on the time of day! She and her husband Neil have three daughters, Savannah (4.5), Harper (3.5) and Paisley (4 months). They enjoy small town living with big city entertainment by living on the outskirts of Omaha in Louisville, Nebraska. She works as a full time mommy and daycare provider by day and a part time social services/medical records assistant at a nursing home by night. Neil is a food services director for public schools, and it seems that the girls are preparing for careers in persuasive negotiating. Growing up she never thought much about having kids other than "someday" wanting to dabble. Now that "someday" is here, being a parent is her number one passion. However, it can be a lonely and overwhelming place at times, so she enjoys being able to share the trials, tribulations and joys of mommyhood as a Omaha Moms Blog Contributor!


  1. I absolutely love this perspective of Facebook. I would also give anything to look into my mom/grandmas’ lives. Love it, Lauren!

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