Date Series:: “Dayte”–A Date That Occurs in the Daytime


It’s not very often when we can escape for a few hours and enjoy a classic date night. There are several pieces to the puzzle to pull off a successful one at that. There are reservations, showtimes, and childcare to coordinate. And to top it off, we’re not used to being out very late in the evening. That’s why the “dayte” was created.

The solution

It all started one random day I requested off from work. My husband noticed the PTO day on the calendar and asked if we could meet for lunch. I didn’t think too much of it at first. I knew I would have to have lunch anyway and taking a break from my tasks wasn’t a terrible idea. After lunch, I felt this short amount of time together was refreshing. We met at a favorite local restaurant and simply enjoyed each other’s company. A bonus was knowing the kids were all taken care of at daycare. That was when the “dayte” was born– the daytime date. Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Eight hours of possibility

The only real coordination needed for a dayte is requesting the same day off from work. Beyond that, you can plan as much or as little as you please for the day. We’ve done several of these daytime dates over the last couple of years. The only part of the daily schedule we maintain is our morning routine and drop off at daycare.

We use these days to try new restaurants or revisit an all-time favorite we otherwise would rather enjoy sans kids. It may not seem like much, but even doing errands around town together can be considered quality time. Being able to discuss an important purchase or project without being interrupted with little voices seeking your attention has definitely been a plus for us.

At times we can get easily distracted by the needs of our children that some decisions get put on hold until a proper conversation can take place. Enjoying a movie in an actual movie theater is also a treat, and matinee showings are the perfect price. A couples massage has also been known to make it onto our itinerary. Discovering this city we call home is definitely something we enjoy doing.

Have you and your partner been on a daytime date? What are your favorite places or things to do while the kids are away? I’d love to hear your suggestions for future daytes.