Urban Air and Adventure Park – Fun for kids of all ages!

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Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

Imagine a huge play area that caters to both kids and parents. . . . One place to test agility, balance, strength, and fortitude. . . and one place to race against oneself or your mom. Omaha now has that one place, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

We have been there on two different occasions, and as a mom of two very active boys, I can attest they LOVED it! As a mom, I liked the safety precautions, and that I had the ability to join in the fun if I chose to. Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park is a new attraction to Omaha, and from first impressions, I would say they are doing amazingly well. Both times we visited, the place was full with children of all ages having the time of their lives. Parents were either following along or sitting in the lounge area, enjoying some downtime.

First Impressions

Our initial check-in was a little chaotic, however, in all fairness, none of us quite knew what to expect. Once we figured out how to use the waiver kiosks, we were on our way to the counter, awaiting our names to be called. By this time, my boys were in overload mode and impatiently waiting to be let loose!

Price-wise, you can choose between different packages, depending on your child’s age, height, and time allotment. For us, two hours was enough to jam pack all of the attractions in and tire my boys out! I have to say, they were sweaty messes by the time we left. And while they wouldn’t admit it, they were exhausted. They didn’t even put their shoes on when we left; they just walked out in their socks (don’t judge, I was happy to see them worn out).

Let’s Go!

Once they received their wristbands, my guys were gone! They immediately ran to the highest attraction available, and while they had not done something like this before, they got the hang of it quickly! It was pretty fun to watch them challenge themselves one story off the ground while maneuvering a maze in the air while connected to a cable. Being one story in the air without a net can be a tad intimidating, and being 30 yards from a place you can get off the maze can be downright frightening. However, it can also build confidence while increasing balance and coordination. This was a pretty cool attraction and to be honest, I would have liked to try it myself, even if that meant slowing down my kid’s movements.

Two dodgeball arenas are available and I loved they were monitored by staff. It wasn’t a free for all, and all participants were expected to follow the rules.  This was pretty cool as the parents were also able to play, which gave the kids someone to target! Honestly, I didn’t know my son liked dodgeball, but apparently jumping dodgeball is approved by my nine-year old!

The back area is full of free jumping. I was in awe watching some of the older kids perform their stunts. I may or may not have held my breath a few times, and was mesmerized watching them tumble and jump…even watching them learn to do new stunts. There was also enough room for big kids and little kids to enjoy the space, without any danger of the bigger kids hurting the little ones.

Urban Air-3

By far, the best area for both my boys was the courses. As we are avid America Ninja Warrior watchers, these courses mimicked what we watch on TV and both my boys were determined to make it successfully through. After all, if you fall, you land in a huge ball pit, and what can be more fun?  While you can time yourself, many of the kiddos were just determined to make it through.

With four courses progressively getting more difficult, this was a big draw to kids. I was happy to see how determined my boys were to successfully complete a run. Actually, I was pretty impressed with their doggedness and persistence for success.  

Urban Air-9
Urban Air-5
Urban Air-8
Urban Air-6

We ended our visits at the rock climbing walls. This section is separate from the rest and requires someone there, assisting the kids with fastening their harness to the cable. There are different levels of rock climbing and my boys loved this! Again, I was impressed with their persistence. At the end of the visit, they still found the strength and endurance to successfully climb those walls.



All in all, Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park was a win for my family. I loved the boys building skills when they were just enjoying playing. I see another visit in our near future. Perhaps even a birthday party. And next time I am getting in on the fun!

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