The Magic of Music




It’s something that is still prevalent in today’s world but seems to be taken over more and more with electronic games and television. Music is a passion of mine. It is a way that I’ve expressed myself since before I could actually talk. Singing, humming, dancing… all around the age of two. From what I’ve been told, I was a pretty shy kid when I was younger. I see a lot of those similarities in my daughter who is now 4. She loves to sing at the top of her lungs, dance, play the piano and make up songs of her own. She’s got a talent for music; I can already tell. But when it comes to a larger group of kids, she tends to take the back seat. She’d rather watch and when everyone has had a turn or nobody is paying attention she jumps in. I understand wanting to sit and observe before wanting to take your turn.

Some days it’s refreshing that she just wants to take it in, but sometimes it’s exhausting trying to coax her into it when I know she wants to participate. As she’s getting older she’s getting more independent and I want her to be confident in her abilities. Music did that for me, and I can see it working for her too.


When I was 5 my mom signed me up for piano lessons. I learned pretty quickly, mainly by ear. My teacher would play something for me and I would repeat it… it’s how I learned. Now, that’s not “best practice” of learning piano but it worked for me and gave me the confidence to play whatever I heard. This shy 5 year old was gaining enough confidence to play by request.

As years went on, I felt comfortable to not only do a piano performance for my recital, but a vocal performance as well. This little shy girl was coming out of her shell to perform in front of people! That was a turning point for me. As my shy daughter is growing up I can tell she has a niche for music. The way she has her hands on the piano keys, the way she hits every high note while singing “This is Me”, and the interest she has for music in general shows us she feels the magic, too.

Let’s Dance

Today, I hope that as parents we can continue to encourage our kids to explore music. I know I’m not the only one I saw thrive from learning to play an instrument. Music is another way for our kids to express themselves. Since they were born (and prior) I’ve been playing piano for my daughters and singing them songs. They love exploring instruments and learning about them. Music can be a tool for their social skills, their academics, and their mental health.  I am here is to remind us all to turn off the television, put down the iPad, and turn up the music. Let’s dance and sing with our kiddos. Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”. Let’s encourage our kids’ imagination by introducing them to the world of music.

The Omaha area has so many resources for dance and music. Here are just a few for you to check out!

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