Swimming Lessons at Goldfish Swim School:: Never too late!

We are thrilled to partner with Goldfish Swim School for this sponsored post! Our contributor received free lessons in turn for an honest review.

swim lessonsLet’s talk swim lessons.

We don’t own a pool nor have a community pool we regularly attend. Even though we do swimming lessons one to two times a year, two of my three children do not know how to swim. It’s frustrating and quite honestly, a little terrifying. When the opportunity arose to try the new Goldfish Swim School, I was eager to try something new. In return for my honest review, we were given free lessons. 


Enrollment was a breeze. A quick phone call and brief explanation on what techniques my children have or have not mastered made it easy for me; a mother who does not speak “pool” lingo. I didn’t have to guess which level I should place my child, the knowledgeable staff informed me of which level they recommended. They then proceeded to find the best time that worked for all of us. They ensured me that if, upon arriving, we realized one child needed to move up or down a level, that would not be an issue. They held true to this statement when two of my three graduated to the next level after four lessons. That’s right, after FOUR swim lessons.

I know what you’re thinking.

Maybe the staff placed my children in the wrong level initially, just to show progression quickly. Nope. I watched and was blown away by the visible acceleration of skill. My oldest was even offered to partake in Swim Force, Goldfish’s swim team, something he hadn’t previously considered.

Lesson availability

With three children in varying stages of aquatic talent, I was thrilled to find a swimming lesson time in which all three of my children could be in the pool at the exact same time. Even more impressive, it was a time that worked with MY schedule.

Goldfish offers lessons every half hour, every day of the week, Tuesday thru Sunday. If you need an early morning weekend, they have it. If you need weekday after school, they have it. Our golden spot was 4pm on a Thursday. As a stay-at-home mom, I can hit those immediate afterschool options. As a parent of three children involved in other sporting activities, the 4pm time wasn’t competing with 5 o’clock dance or 6:30 soccer practice.

Staff consistency

swim lessonsEach lesson maxes out at four students. This allows the instructor plenty of time to spend with each student individually. One thing I must comment on, the consistency of swim instructors. In previous locations we’ve tried, I would take my youngest to her designated place in the pool, ask the instructor’s name, and proceed to introduce my daughter to the instructor. Even if we signed up for a specific lesson and time, it wasn’t a guarantee the instructor would remain the same throughout our entire session. That was not the case at Goldfish. She had the same, wonderful, kid-friendly and slightly goofy instructor every time.


The facility is gorgeous; full of bright colors, a pool-length mural, and plenty of chairs, changing rooms, and viewing opportunities. The multiple changing rooms allow older siblings – like my 11-year-old – privacy and independence while giving me a sense of security that he’s not lost in the men’s locker room. The pool and pool room are kept at a comfortable 90 degrees for the swimmers while the observation deck is air-conditioned.

“Every time I step into the swimming room it’s so warm! The air. The water.” – Olivia, 6 years old

Add the hair-drying station – which my 8-year-old loved – and the train table and fish tank to entertain any non-swimming tag-alongs, everyone thoroughly loved it.

Our experience was so great…we signed up for more.

Jump Start Clinics:: A Different Type of Swim Lesson

During the summer, Goldfish offers 5 consecutive 30-minute swim lessons. Like their weekly lessons, these sessions follow the same curriculum (yes, a proven swim-safe curriculum) accelerating children to become better swimmers all the while teaching them how to be safer in and around water. I loved the 5-day option. Other swim schools have similar options, but none that are for a single week at a time. When juggling vacation, camps, and intentional downtime; it is hard to squeeze in a consecutive 2-week session. We purchased a week of evenings and a week of mornings. Once again, we were not disappointed. After the first week, my youngest graduated to the next level. I feel reassured knowing we are well on our way to a safer, more skilled life of swimming.

It’s not too late.
Jump Start Clinics run through the first week of August. We’ll be there. We hope to see you, too.


  1. Does this swim school have dedicated lifeguards who monitor the pool independently of the swim teachers?

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