Summer park hop- Elmwood Park

We are excited to partner with American Ethanol Nebraska for this sponsored post.

Omaha Moms Blog and Clean Fuels Omaha are excited to bring you our Summer Park Hop Series.

We are partnering with local companies to bring you a fun-filled summer. Summer park hops will take place all around the Omaha metro area on different mornings of the week, spread out through June and July. Bring the kids and tell your friends to meet you at the park! Our next hop is at Elmwood Park!

This Thursday, July 12th, come hangout in the shaded, sandy playground of Elmwood Park. Elmwood is on 64th street between Pacific and Dodge, right behind UNO.  We will have an event starting at 9 am hosted by the YMCA. The Y will be leading a multi-age level activity for the kids. 

At the YMCA of Greater Omaha, they strengthen communities by focusing on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. They provide children and adults alike with a place to exercise, to learn and grow, and belong. They help children learn healthy habits, learn new skills, and guide them to be strong, respectful adults.

Dan, from the YMCA will be leading a multi-age level activity. Dan has been a personal trainer for the Downtown YMCA for 13 years. He is certified as a trainer through NASM and is the only MoveNat training specialist in Nebraska and Iowa. He is also a LiveSTRONG YMCA trainer, functional training specialist, kettlebell specialist, pilates specialist, and group fitness instructor. Dan specializes in corrective exercise, TRX suspension training, small groups, and functional movement. If you have any questions about how Dan could help you in regards to moving better, getting stronger, or just feeling better please contact him at [email protected]

We are excited to have two nutritionists join us at Elmwood as well!

Ashe Milkovic, NTC is a Omaha local entrepreneur who holds a deep rooted passion for health and nutrition. She believes that the conscious action of sourcing foods locally, sustainably, and seasonally not only heals the planet and community, but also nurtures our bodies and souls. In her eyes, knowledge is fundamental to health. She intends to service by educating and empowering individuals to cultivate a healthy mind, body and spirit through a nutrient-dense and traditionally prepared diet based on the wisdom of our ancestors.  She believes in the power that the body holds to heal itself when provided with its intended nourishment, and she’s highly motivated to re-introduce that paradigm of thought. Ashe is a Nutritional Health & Life Coach and is also a Certified Feed Your Pregnant Body instructor, educating moms about prenatal nutrition and wellbeing. Website:

Sarah Bouse is a Portland Oregon native and decided 5 years ago to move to Nebraska and make it her home. They lived for a short time in western Nebraska and then moved to the Omaha area.  Sarah has 2 sweet boys 7 and 4 that keep life busy and fun! Her happy place is doing any physical activity, moving, hiking, lifting weights, teaching, coaching the list goes on and on. She decided to pursue her passion and dream of teaching others about holistic health/nutrition and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Sarah believes that everyone has the power to take control of their health even if they suffer from digestive issues, blood sugar dysregulation, endocrine imbalances etc. Her mission is to Empower Individuals to take control of their health and live a happy full life! She is also certified as a Feed your Fertile Body ™ and Feed Your Pregnant Body™ Instructor which teaches preconception and pregnancy nutrition. Website:

Join us from 9:00-11:00 for tons of fun! For the most up to date information, RSVP to our event page here.

Thank you to American Ethanol Nebraska for sponsoring our summer Park Hop series. American Ethanol Nebraska is a proud advocate for breathing easier with the use of bio-fuels. Bio-fuels, like ethanol and bio-diesel, are produced locally, cost effective and better for the environment. When you choose clean-burning renewable bio-fuels, we all enjoy less pollution and healthier air.