Omaha’s Family-Friendly Pizza Joints with Gluten Free Options!


I am convinced that pizza is the perfect food.  It has veggies and protein and carbs. It’s a complete meal that tastes amazing (at least I like to tell myself that…don’t spoil my fun). I became even more convinced that pizza is the perfect meal when I became a mom, and my usual love of cooking complicated creations was slowed down by many little hands and needs that demanded my attention.  

A couple years ago, I decided that I wouldn’t cook on Fridays and it would become pizza night.  Pizza night is genius for our family because we can usually eat pizza for less than we spend eating out elsewhere (other sit down places at least) and it has become a tradition my kids really look forward to. Here are some of our favorite pizza places in Omaha!

***OMB favorite great gluten free options

1,000 Degrees***

Locations: 17676 Welch Plaza, Ste 9, and 1405 S. 204th St., Ste 104

1,000 Degrees is a fast-paced pizzeria that specializes in Neapolitan pizza. They also have a new Roman pizza option.  They also, uniquely, have a wide variety of cheese options. *Gluten-free crust available.

OMB Favorites:  BYO Salads. Tuscan Chicken. White Out. 

Mama’s Pizza***

Locations: Midtown location: 715 N Saddle Creek, 15615 Pacific Street, and 8146 S 96th Street

Mama’s Pizza is a family-friendly pizzeria with plenty to do, including an arcade for the kids!  Many big screen TV’s line the walls, and there is always a game on. *Gluten-free crust is available.

OMB Favorite:  The homemade garlic ranch dressing is delicious. You can create your own gluten-free pizza on their gluten-free crust (it tastes buttery and delicious!)

My Pie

Locations: 72 & Pacific, 120 & Blondo 

My Pie is a great family-friendly option, they give the kids little dough balls to play with. Money savings tip –  if you sign up for their texts they send you some great specials!

OMB Favorite: The margarita pizza.  It has a nice red sauce to compliment the typical characters.  Do not get the spicy butcher. The sauce was just not good- imbalanced and too spicy.

Noli’s Pizza***

Location: Blackstone District: 4001 Farnam St.

Noli’s Pizza is a self-proclaimed New York style pizzeria. Noli’s also does their best to source local and seasonal ingredients when available. *Gluten-free crust available. Vegan options available, including Vegan cheese.

OMB Favorite: Veggiata, Linguriano

Oscar’s Pizza

Locations: 178th & West Center and 162nd & West Maple (Carry out)

We love Oscar’s for carry out, but when we are there the kids love the machines to get candy and toys! We always bring a few dollars for them to play and have gotten a stuffed animal or two. Also, they do supply crayons and a coloring sheet.

OMB Favorite: Spend the money on the Sidney’s Special (It’s a four cheese pizza… yes, you really need all four). Also people love their wings…especially the char-buffed.  When I have ordered them, I have not been sorry.


Locations: 17808 Burke Street, 5021 Underwood Avenue

Pitch has a more upscale feel and specializes in coal-fired pizza.  The West location also has a wonderful rooftop patio, which is perfect for happy hour or a late night bite with friends or for a date night. *Gluten-free crust available. They will also make pizza without the cheese if requested.

OMB Favorite:  This list could be infinite.  The Brussels Sprouts (both the pistachio and regular versions), the white beans (both the EVOO and creamy Tuscan versions) are fabulous starters, and what’s better is that you get a discount for choosing two.  The Dos Peps Pizza is my favorite pizza, and the Shrooms is a close second. 

Pizza West

Locations: 126 & Giles Rd, 123 & Maple Rd.

Pizza West gives out wiki sticks to play with and there are some arcade games and little machines where you can buy trinkets. Bring your quarters!

OMB Favorite: A side salad. Seriously. It has the best croutons. All the yum. But for pizza we order something not on their menu anymore: Chicken Parmesan pizza. It has a sweet red sauce base with fried pieces of chicken goodness on it. 


Locations: Legacy Village. 17520 Wright Street, and 248 Olson Drive 

Spin! is a Neapolitan Pizza place that has a unique way to order. You order at the counter upon arriving, and then you are seated and the pizza is delivered to your seat. They also have tokens for gelato with their kids meals. Kids can have pizza dough to play with while waiting for your food. Bonus – Kids eat free on Sundays! (with the purchase of an adult option) *Gluten-free crust available.

OMB Favorites:  White bean minestrone (can be made gluten-free without the pasta).  Greek salad. Oliva & Carciofi Pizza (Olive and Artichoke)

Zio’s Pizza

Locations: 120 & Center (my fav), 78 & Dodge, 11th & Howard (Old Market), New one opening soon at 180 & Center

My kids love it at Zio’s Pizza because they get pizza dough to play with. Also, there are coloring sheets and drinks are included in the kids’ menu pricing, so they get fun, sugary drinks we don’t have at home.

OMB Favorites: I love to make my own pizza. I always get a slice of chicken and artichoke and a Manhattan side salad. Artichoke on pizza is surprisingly good. The crust is the perfect thickness–thin but not overly so, and their sauce is very well balanced between sweet and acidic. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, try their buffalo chicken pizza and add cream cheese.

No matter what, Omaha has the pizza you want. Go out and enjoy celebrating your family with some pizza.

What are your favorites?

Contributors for our pizza guide:

Erica Bradford

Erica is an Omaha transplant from Northern California and has lived in Omaha off and on since 1993.  She is mom to two wonderful children: Olivia (4), and Isaiah (19 months).  Because her husband’s career requires him being gone for long stretches of time, she has learned to streamline being a career mama while flying solo for months at a time.  Her middle school reading students add some excitement to her days, and her kids keep the humor going strong into the evenings. 

Jennifer Boll

Jenny is a fifth generation Nebraskan. She is a true city girl and has lived in Omaha for 15 years of her life! She loves meeting new people and having real conversations. In her day job, she leads a Christian ministry -where she helps college students develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus. She has been married for over a decade and her husband and her have two amazing girls. In her free time, you will find Jenny navigating the new world of being a school mom, exploring area parks and trying to show up for people in a non-judgmental way (there may also be some reality tv involved).