Omaha Mom’s Guide to Sledding


Sledding in Omaha

As a Nebraska native who lived in South Carolina for the last three and a half years, my family and I could not wait for the first big snowfall to hit the Omaha area! It’s so important to get outside, even in colder temperatures. If you ever knew the joy of sledding as a child, you’ll understand my excitement for getting out now that I have a family of my own to share the experience with.

Since we are from central Nebraska, we were unfamiliar with the best places to sled here in Omaha. So I did what we all do when we need information—browsed the internet, specifically Facebook groups, and accumulated a seemingly never-ending list of all the recommended go-to places to find the perfect hill. I couldn’t go without sharing it with you too!

Before you seek out the powdery adventure nearest you, please remember the importance of safety while sledding. Between bumps, bruises, and injuries more serious like broken bones and concussions, sledding causes an average of 20,000 hospital visits a year. So be safe, but go out and have a blast!

Northern Omaha


Laura Dodge Elementary-3520 Maplewood Blvd. *note that this hill is on the faster side, so best for older children or those extremely daring toddlers that make our hairs turn white.

Manchester Elementary-2750 N HWS Cleveland Blvd.


Memorial Park-6005 Underwood Ave. *perfect for all ages

Walnut Hill Park-1400 N 38th St. *beginner, smaller hill and good for younger kids

Adams Park (East side)-3121 Bedford Ave.

Florence Elementary-7902 N 36th St.

Nathan Hale Middle School-6143 Whitmore St.

Southern Omaha


Black Elk Elementary-6708 S 161st Ave.

Chalco Hills Recreation Area-8901 S 154th St.

Rockbrook Park-3525 S 94th St. *Omaha residents said this has location has a “hill made for sledding.”

Holling Heights Elementary-6565 S 136th St.

Oak Valley Elementary-3109 Pederson Dr.

Aspen Creek Elementary-10325 S 188th St. *great for all ages


Spring Lake Park-4020 Hoctor Blvd.

Norris Middle School-2235 S 46th St.


Mahoney State Park-28500 W Park Hwy. *this hill is known as the “Mahoney Sledding Hill.”


Chestnut Ridge-21700, 21798 Highview St.


Portal Elementary-9920 Brentwood Dr.


Bellevue Elementary (behind the school)-12001 Timberrdige Dr.

Lewis and Clark Middle School-13502 S 38th St. *Considered a faster hill.

Council Bluffs, IA

Big Park Lake-2600 N 8th St.

Discovered hills of your own outside of our list? Please share them in the comments and remember to respect possible private properties along with the possibility that some parks may require a state pass for entry.

Sledding in Omaha