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Our pre-pandemic lives seem so far away.

Life doesn’t look the way it did eight months ago. What we once took for granted is now a bittersweet memory. It is natural to wonder if life will ever go back to the way it was. While we can’t answer that for certain, we can take comfort in knowing there has been good to come from these challenging times. We have seen neighbors take an interest in those who need a helping hand. We have watched our businesses change direction almost instantaneously. We have seen our communities rise to the occasion of protecting the most vulnerable among us.

Yet, we all can feel that there is something missing. Our schools cannot simply go back to the way things were seven months ago. We no longer have the luxury of taking hand sanitizer for granted. Fear of the unknown is far more pervasive now, and now is the time to combat that feeling.

It is imperative that we keep our families safe and healthy. Millard Family Hospital is
proud to continue person-centered care for all of Greater Omaha’s healthcare
needs, from bumps and bruises to COVID testing and every emergency in

We must be proactive in caring for ourselves and our families.

This means maintaining our physical and mental health by exercising, eating right,
and reaching out to our friends and loved ones for conversation and connection. At
MFH, our facilities maintain the highest safety standards while providing
exemplary care. We maintain social distance by offering drive-thru COVID testing
for any age, including young children.

When life throws uncertainty, you can count on Millard Family Hospital to provide the same great care that we’ve provided Greater Omaha since opening our doors.

Open 24/7 and 365 days a year, Millard Family Hospital is here for the unexpected. We look forward to our family, helping your family stay safe and healthy. 


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