Shop Omaha :: Easter Basket Ideas from Babies to Middle School

Thank you to all of our local businesses that helped to put this guide together!
Omaha Easter Basket

We have partnered with some incredible local Omaha shops to bring you these amazing basket offerings. By the way, did we mention we’re giving these away? In order to have a chance at snagging one, make sure to tune into our Facebook page 3/26/20 at 8pm for our Facebook Live!

The days are getting longer, the sun is warming the air, buds adorn the trees, and flowers are starting to peek out from the dirt. Bonnets, bow-ties, pastel eggs, chocolate bunnies, and fun-filled baskets are starting to fill our thoughts as Easter approaches. Giving Easter baskets is a tradition that dates back many centuries, evolving throughout the years.

In this season of new life, we’d like to encourage you to fill your loved-ones Easter baskets with some local Omaha goodness this year. You can even get creative and think outside the “basket” bubble. For instance, use an umbrella, rain boots, a dump truck, a tote, or even a plastic pool to hold goodies for your children on Easter morning. The creations are endless!

NOTE :: We can still support these amazing local businesses during this time of social distancing. Please order online or contact the business directly.

Baby Easter Basket


Babies are unique gifts! When you shop at Suite Child for your Easter basket, you’ll find incredibly unique mom-selected items that are sure to delight your bundle of joy! To keep those sweet little baby hands busy, consider an egg shaker rattle with silicone gripper dots, a bunny face wooden and silicone teether, and a handcrafted 100% organic cotton plush carrot toy. For the baby on the move, a wooden mommy & baby nesting bunny plush toy will keep them rolling right along. For baby giggles, wiggle the cute bunny puppet as you play hide-and-seek in the fun egg hunt happening inside of the Hippity, Hoppity Little Bunny board book. What baby doesn’t love the softness of a Jellycat bunny?! Jellycat now offers that same coziness in their bunny lovey blankets, and they are the absolute perfect size for your little one. Don’t forget to add a pair of Babiators sunglasses that have 100% UV Protection! They fit babies well and have a one-year replacement guarantee if they get lost or broken.

Preschool Easter Basket


Little preschool boys are so magical. Their baskets should represent their love for soft plushies, some fun activities, something crazy or funny, and, of course, something sweet! For the preschooler in your life, consider visiting Teddy Bear Connection and make a stuffed animal you can take home, or purchase clothes for the stuffies/dolls you already own. They even have sweet treats! Oh, what about dropping by Suite Child to grab something fun like a giant crayon? Have you been to the Omaha Children’s Museum yet? It’s a MUST with your little fella. There are boundless activities that are there all the time and visiting exhibits that can’t be beaten. And if he’s not out of breath yet, take your little guy swimming with Goldfish Swim School. We can be sure that this will be an Easter basket he’ll never forget.

Preschool Easter Basket


Preschool girls just wanna have fun! Their baskets should show their love for cuddly friends and some fun activities to explore with their new plush friends! Consider visiting Teddy Bear Connection and make a stuffed animal you can take home, or purchase clothes for the stuffies/dolls you already own. Little girls also love the Omaha Children’s Museum! She’ll love taking her new favorite stuffed friend there! There are boundless activities that are there all the time and visiting exhibits that can’t be beaten. What about a nice dip in the pool at the Goldfish Swim School? What an adventure she’ll have taking her new plush friends on (don’t forget to pack a towel and swim googles)!

Grade School Boy Easter Basket


Did you know that elementary-aged boys get a LOT of haircuts? That’s Pigtails and Crewcuts main demographic! For a basket, they highly recommend getting some great styling gel like Zach’s Wax Spirit Gel and American Crew 3 in 1 Shampoo, Conditioner, and body wash for your stylish boy. But they offer so much more! Every cool little dude needs some stylish accessories too–from Kiddos ULace ( which easily turn lace-ups into slip-ons) to sunglasses (you need Olaf AND regular sunglasses), your fella will be the envy of his elementary school! Don’t forget that they have some pretty fun little toys when you walk into the shop. What’s a stylish little dude without his toys like a popping eye dino, windup walking zombie, train whistle, goplay magnetic tic tac toe, and Star Wars packet ( with stickers, tattoos, decal sheets, posters, and sticker album)? He’ll also need some colored pencils and a fun pen to write a thank you note for whoever gives him this fantastic basket. After all, your stylish boy is also extremely polite!

Grade School Girl Easter Basket


One thing that grade school girls know how to do well is to play hard! Fat Brain Toys can come to your rescue from coming up with the best Easter basket. This toy store allows you to try it before you buy it. They have amazing gifts for all ages! They highly recommend a butterfly net to get her outside and catch some creatures. Jixels puzzle (a customer favorite) are fun for the problem solving girl who loves defy gravity! Sketch and Sniff Spring Crayons are bright and colorful and they smell oh so good. Whirly Pop Lollipop are available for a sweet treat for when she needs to satidfy her sweet tooth. Throw in a  Magi-Cool Hatching Unicorn egg for some extra magic in your Easter basket, but don’t forget a brightly colored Squishy Rebound ball, and cuddly plush with bunny ears! She’ll be wowed by innovative toys at Fat Brain.

Middle School Boy Easter Basket


Boys in middle school may act all tough, but we all know that they’re ready to play at a moment’s notice! Check out these amazing offerings at Fat Brain Toys. You’ll spark his creativity through their recommendation of an amazing World Record Paper Airplane book, and his knack for running outside with a Ziprang frisbee. Stimulate his problem-solving mind with a Perplexus Sidewinder Gearheads and Rubik’s The Void puzzle. He’ll, of course, need a Simpl Dimpl for his backpack for when he gets fidgety. Finally, don’t forget those Crybaby sour gumballs for when he needs a taste-filled challenge! This is an Easter basket he will definitely not be embarrassed about.

Middle School Girl Easter Basket


Many middle school girls start to play in a new way–with hair and makeup! We love how the DryBar has a huge lookbook where girls can try out new hairstyles and so much more. The DryBar is fantastic for girls because they offer no cuts, no color, just blowouts! You can’t forget to try out some Liquid Glass shampoo, Detox dry shampoo, Sparkling Soda shine mist, and On The Rocks Clarifying Charcoal Shampoo. Please email [email protected] to order product and it will be delivered before Easter! We can’t forget her skin as well! We also love that the Beautycounter exists to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Danielle Helu, an amazing Beautycounter rep shared these incredible products for skincare-interested middle school girls: Beautycounter pouch for her products, Cleansing cloth, Countercountrol Clear Pore Cleanser (a daily exfoliating cleanser, designed for oily and blemish-prone skin, removes oil, makeup, and other impurities without harsh surfactants that can strip skin of moisture), Mini-lip gloss in Poppy shimmer (Pink Red shimmer that goes on smooth with no stickiness), Jellies: Limited-edition lip gloss in peppermint, and mineral-based sunscreen lotion. Finally, don’t forget to remind your growing young lady that she matters by taking her to Suite Child for some encouraging accessories! Your little girl may be growing up, but she’ll be glad to know you’ll always be there to help her pick out amazing hair and skincare products!