Choose Midtown Crossing for Family Fun

We are happy to partner with Midtown Crossing for this sponsored post.

My family and I have recently discovered an amazing place in Omaha.

Last weekend, we spent an entire Saturday and Sunday exploring Midtown Crossing.

Located at 31st and Farnam, Midtown Crossing is a playground of sorts for families. There are delicious restaurants, a gorgeous movie theater, and fun shops lining Farnam street. Our first stop was for dinner and Leadbelly. We chose Leadbelly for their burger menu. My guys are burger connoisseurs, and they couldn’t wait to taste the delicious options on the menu! From dinner to yoga, there were surprises around every corner. Here are our top four experiences that make Midtown Crossing stand above many other places for family fun.


My oldest son studied that menu like the burger academic he is. He ended up picking the Huevos Rancheros, a burger with white cheddar and a fried egg. My husband chose the Royal Mountie. Both of them were in heaven and decided to cut their burgers in half so they could share in the goodness.

Midtown Crossing Food
Midtown Crossing Tacos

My middle child recommends the kids fish and chips, my daughter enjoyed a kids cheese pizza, and my steak tacos were so yummy. We loved the atmosphere, the option to sit on the patio, and the beer selections. Leadbelly did not disappoint, and we’ll return very soon to try the other options on the menu.

Cold Stone Creamery

After walking off our Leadbelly experience and playing for awhile in Turner Park, we decided there is always room for ice cream, especially the Cold Stone Creamery kind. We had never been to Cold Stone Creamery, and we were dazzled right away by the charm of the staff. They worked quickly and politely to tend to the needs of many customers in line. Midtown Crossing

My oldest son said, “It was super cool how they made the milkshake for you. I could pick any ice cream with any topping and they’d make it for me.” He chose cookie dough on top of cookie dough, while my other children got creative with their mixes. I chose a scoop of vanilla with Oreos for  my topping and I was in heaven. We sat outside, enjoyed our ice cream, and watched the people and cars pass on Farnam. It was a perfect way to end a fun night.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Sunday morning, it was finally time for my crew to see End Game. My boys had been talking about this movie for months, and the rest of us were curious to see what they hype was all about. We had never been to Alamo Drafthouse, and we were were anxious to see the place we’d spend the next three hours. Upon entering the theater, we were greeted with the sweet smiles of the staff. They got us our seats and we took off up the escalators to the third floor.

Midtown Crossing Alamo

Once we found our comfy seats, a server attended us right away. We ordered our bottomless popcorn and our beverages and prepared to be amazed. My kids loved this theater! Not only because the popcorn kept coming, but because it was delicious. The feel to the Alamo is so classy, and we liked exploring all around the theater after our movie. Don’t worry: no spoilers in this post, but if you want to see End Game, I’d recommend you view it at Alamo Drafthouse.

Yoga Rocks the Park

Even though I loved the dinner, the ice cream, and the movie, my absolute favorite part of our Midtown Crossing experience was Yoga Rocks the Park. Every Sunday beginning at 4, yogis and their children gather for a magical experience in the park. Participants are asked for a free-will donation, and are provided an hour of excellence. We had beautiful live music from Aly Peeler, invigorating yoga from instructor Stephanie Watson, and a beautiful hour of breathing and stretching. My daughter chose to stay by me, but many children took advantage of Camp Yoga Rocks taking place at the same time as the adult session. Kids from 4-10 learn yoga positions, and have a great time together while parents receive some much needed peace. We loved the beauty of the park and the sense of community we felt at this yoga practice. Yoga Rocks the Park takes place from now until June 23rd and we highly recommend it! 

Midtown Crossing Yoga Rocks

If you haven’t yet been to Midtown Crossing to experience all it has to offer, drop what you’re doing and enjoy an evening out, an afternoon movie, or yoga in Turner park.

Whether you are in the mood for a date night or a great time out with the whole family, Midtown Crossing is an excellent choice for fun.