Choose Hip, Hip, Hair-ay! for Your Next Haircut

We are happy to partner with Hip, Hip, Hair-ay! for this sponsored post.

I find it slightly ironic that I’m writing about kid haircuts because I waited until after my son’s second birthday to get him his first haircut. However, his hair grows like a weed and in this past year, he’s probably had nearly a dozen haircuts, so that basically makes me an expert, right?!

Haircuts are a big deal

My little-big kid started preschool, and he needed a brand new haircut! I felt everything. Excited, nervous, lonely…. old, but mostly just excited! This was a year of firsts for us, and to get ready for the first day of school, you can bet I bought ALL the school supplies, the perfect back to school outfit, and a fresh first day of school haircut.

Haircuts are a big deal for me; I still collect the trimmings (and have every intention) to add them to his baby book.  For the longest time I didn’t cut Henry’s hair. I let it grow and grow and grow. He had gorgeous blonde curls down to his shoulders. When we would give him a bath his hair would fall nearly half way down his back. I guess I figured once you give them the first cut, they’re cutting their hair for the rest of their lives, why rush it? That first haircut is a rite of passage. My baby is growing up. He’s a BIG boy, and now he looks like it, too.

The experience is enjoyable

*Knock on wood* Henry has always been a trooper at his haircuts, so we haven’t had to deal with any meltdowns. But I’ve heard the horror stories. The wonderful thing about Hip Hip Hair-ay! is that they do everything (short of giving your kid a free puppy to cuddle) to make the haircut experience as enjoyable as possible for the kids. And that leaves this mommy very happy.

Fun seats available

On Henry’s first trip to Hip Hip Hair-ay!, he picked the police car. I asked him if he was sure (of course he was) because there was an open fire truck right next to him (his favorite). Once he was all settled in with a complimentary Dixie cup of animal crackers and a show of his choosing on the police car’s personal TV, he just had to switch to the fire truck. Allison, who was cutting his hair, didn’t even bat an eyelash, and so sweetly obliged. We moved Henry and she got everything re-set up in the fire truck chair. It was actually no big deal to her that her new client was a bit wishy-washy and couldn’t make up his mind. The girls who cut hair there are professional kid whisperers, and it truly seems like they love their jobs.

You can always cut more

The cut itself didn’t take long, and Allison was meticulous in making sure everything was even and just the way I wanted it. I appreciate the mantra ‘you can always cut more, you can’t glue it back on’ and Allison seemed to have a similar philosophy. She’d cut a little and ask me if I wanted to go shorter. She wasn’t in a rush to get his haircut done as quickly as possible; she was concerned with mom leaving with a happy kid and the perfect cut.

The proof is in the pudding, so I’ll let the pictures of the cut speak for themselves.

Hip Hip Hair-ay!


At the end of the haircut the kids can pick out a lollipop (they ask the mom quietly first to make sure its an approved treat) and a small “treasure”. Henry went for the bouncy ball. I don’t consider these small items “bribes” because they aren’t coming from me, it’s a perk of going to get your haircut… but more on that later.

Perks of Hip, Hip Hair-ay!

First, the salon is clean (I’m talking pristine), younger kids can crawl around on the floor without getting hair (or anything else nasty) on them. Because how annoying is it to leave with 9 million tiny hairs all over you, your child, and everything else you kid may have “needed” to bring along?

Hip Hip Hair-ay! takes a very minimalist approach to their design. The walls are a calm blue, there’s nothing jarring to the eyes in the salon. There’s a row of sophisticated silver leather “big kid” chairs, with video games(!) on one side with kid vehicle “seats” on the opposite wall.

No toys for sale

But here’s the most amazing part: the only toys available in the salon are not for purchase. They will not sell you anything besides a grooming service or hair product. Nothing. Nada. No stuffed animal circus available for purchase to walk by on your way to the hair cut.

Now I really appreciate the lack of toys available for purchase for two reasons: I hate saying “no” to my child (although as soon as he’s a bit older I’m sure he’ll claim I say “no” all the time). I also personally try to bribe my child as little as possible, so getting a “present” from me in exchange for doing a normal, everyday task is not a concept I want to get my child used to.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to buy presents and I love to spoil my little boy, but I try not attach material things to behavior. The fact that Hip Hip Hair-ay! doesn’t have any toys to tempt kids into whining for something is a God-send. We came here for a haircut, we go to Fat Brain when we want to buy toys. They are two totally different activities. I truly appreciate this gesture, because let’s be real, selling stuffed animals in addition to haircuts is a great way to upcharge the bill.

Happy hour is just that

For Henry’s haircut, we went right at the beginning of “Happy Hour” which should be nicknamed “nappy hour” (1-3 pm Monday through Friday) because their main clientele is either still at school or at home napping. It’s a perfect time for my never-napper and I to pop in for a quick cut and consumers even save a couple bucks on the cut during these hours every day of the week! This would also be the perfect time to stop in if your child doesn’t do well with loud noises.

And I’ll end by saying…  I can’t wait to have a girl so I can bring her into Hip Hip Hair-ay! They have the cutest temporary “hair tinsel” service. Imagine tiny streaks of shiny rainbow metallic colors streaked throughout your kid’s hair. The best part… they’re just tiny pieces of tinsel tied to a couple strands of your child’s hair. The tinsel falls out naturally after a couple weeks leaving the hair exactly as it was. It was so cute I almost had a couple pieces put in. I can totally see this being the answer for so many moms whose daughters just have to have a streak of fun color in their hair without any permanent effects of that decision.

Hip Hip Hair-ay! Specials

Toddler Day: Kids age 3 and younger receive $2.00 off between 10am and 1pm.
Military, Police and Firefighters Day: 30% off servcies for the entire family.
**20% off everday for Military/Police/Firefighters… We are grateful to the men and women who serve our country and city and keep us safe.
Facebook Day: Check our facebook page every Wednesday to see our weekly Wednesday special!
Feather & Tinsel Day: Receive half price feathers and tinsel with a haircut.
Family Day: Pay for one haircut, and receive $2.00 off the 2nd, $3.00 off the 3rd, $4.00 off the 4th and so on!

Check out their website Hip Hip Hair-ay! for all their pricing and options!