Celebrate a Month of Love in Omaha with the OMB this February


Who doesn’t love feeling loved? Love is what drives us and what holds our families and communities together. It is what we all need! During the month of February, celebrate love with the Omaha Moms Blog and participate in our “Love in Omaha” challenge.

Each week, we will have a new love focus, and we want YOU to join us!

Start the month off by showing love to yourself.

Take a night and do the things that you don’t normally get time to. You know what I mean! That thing you always want to do but can never make the time. Read a book, watch a movie you’ve been meaning to see, craft your heart out, or just get in some extra zzz’s! It doesn’t matter what you choose to do. Just remember to love yourself first. Got it? Great! Now that you love yourself, we can paint this town with love.

Next, it’s time to pour some extra love out on your spouse.

If you’re like me, you might be thinking something like “yeah… because I don’t spend enough time doing THAT!” Seriously though, we always want more love from our spouse, so we ought to make sure that if we are spreading love, we start in our homes!

At this point, you’ll be on such a roll that it will feel like nothing to keep on sharing love with your family, then with your neighborhood, and finally, with all of Omaha (even those other drivers on your morning commute)!

Omaha is such a great place to be a mom.

I love Omaha and so should you! Let’s show our love for our home, our families, and each other throughout the month of February. We’ve created a calendar to help you remember what to do. Just download it, put it up where you’ll see it every day, and remember to spread the #OMBlove

Click here to download the calendar.