Best Omaha Selfie Spots with Your Mini Me


Have you ever wondered where is the best place in Omaha to take a picture with you and your little one?

For me, it started as we passed the fire station on 25th and L street. 

“Look, Mom,” my son said. “That wall is so cool! It says bomberos, which means firefighter in Spanish!” 

Selfie Instagram Omaha Mom
My son wants to go to Guatemala one day, so we had to stop and take a picture of this mural on 24th St. in South Omaha.

Then we saw the 2021 Omaha Visitor Guide with a huge wall mural of “LOVE” on the front cover. Wondering where the wall was located, I stumbled upon Murals_of_Omaha on Instagram. Into the rabbit hole I went. To my delight, there seemed to be public art displays EVERYWHERE in Omaha.

“These are so fun!” I told my kids. “Let’s take a Saturday and see how many spots we can explore.”

So one cold, windy Saturday morning, we headed out to see some Omaha landmarks. After a couple of hours, we had barely scratched the surface! 

I became on the lookout for quintessential Omaha. I asked some fellow Omaha moms, where are the best places to take a #selfie with your little ones in Omaha and the surrounding area?

Here’s is the list of the best selfie places in Omaha: 

Bob the Bridge (And Don’t Forget Omar!)

If you’re new to Omaha, welcome! Let me be the first to tell you that the pedestrian bridge suspended over the Missouri River has a name and an Instagram account! On Bob, you can have one foot in Iowa and the other in Nebraska. And then there’s Omar, the troll who lives under the bridge. He loves visitors! #ItHappensOnBob #OmarTheTroll #BobWalking 

A Pop of Color 

We love the pop of color wall mural on 56th and Ames by artist Justin Queal. It has been making the rounds all over social media! Another place that shows its true colors is the Joslyn Art Museum. Ashley J. captured this sweet picture of her and her family. 

Selfie Instagram Omaha Mom
“And boy was this sooo hard to take. Set this up by doing the 10-second mode and having it lean against our backpack. Try getting two kids to look at the camera. . . Take #30? Ha!” –Ashley J.

“Wings Over Papillon” Butterfly Benches & Other Community Art Collections

Have you noticed the butterfly benches all over Papillion? There are 34 art displays from a variety of artists. Wouldn’t it be a fun summer project to see if you and your kids could get a picture in front of all of them? On a similar note, Midtown is displaying local community art on Adirondack chairs. #Midtown And Omaha Summer Arts Festival has placed giant cubes of popup murals around Omaha. You can see the artist and locations for all of them here. 

Blackstone District

Like other parts of Omaha, this hip area has multiple murals and perfect #selfie spots. We love this #WhatLiftsYou mural from Kelsey Montague Art, as it makes for the perfect spot for you and your mini! Plus, Coneflower Creamery is just around the corner. (In case you need an ice cream bribe for a smile!) Now that’s a win-win. #BlackStoneDistrict

Selfie Instagram Omaha Mom
“This wall in Blackstone makes for a cute big and little shot, though my husband was less than amused.” –Danielle S.

Animals of Omaha

Of course, the Henry Doorly Zoo is a great place to snap a pic. We especially like pictures of the kids against the backdrop of the aquarium or near the waterfall in the jungle. But, we also loved this shot of Katie S. at Scattered Joy Acres. Scattered Joy Acres is a public petting zoo with friendly barnyard animals. You can get close and personal for your glamor shot! And we can’t forget to mention this adorable animal wall mural by artist Ilaamen Pelshaw at the bus stop of Park Ave. and Pacific. Your kids will, dare I say, go “wild” for it?

Selfie Instagram Omaha Mom
Picture taken at Scattered Joy Acres.

Only in Omaha 

Since I’m still relatively new to Omaha, I love finding things unique to the area. Only in Omaha can you find a 13-foot tall fork with spaghetti (located near 7th and Pierce Sts.) or the world’s largest giant ball of stamps in Boystown. Definitely #Instagrammable! 


We love these local businesses and think they are totally worth the pictures! Dripped + Draped has the cutest set up for selfies while you wait for your cup of joe. And Mulhall’s, a local plant nursery, has their own hashtag: #MyMulhalls. Get lost in their lush leaves and find a plant of your own to love! 

Selfie Instagram Omaha Mom
Part of the Omaha Mom team at The Selfie Spot.

Other Notable Mentions: Ellen K. recommends Omaha Children’s Museum’s special fairytale exhibit that has a bench/selfie stand set up. (It’s on display until the end of August.), and Becka N. says she was surprised when she walked into JoAnn Fabrics and saw all the fun non-traditional backdrops. Beautiful, colorful yarn, anyone? And we can’t close this post without mentioning The Selfie Spot in historic Benson or Selfie WRLD Omaha in Papillion. Both places have ever-changing backdrops! 

What did we miss? Share your favorite Omaha spots in the comments below. And be sure to tag us with your Omaha selfies! #OmahaMom @Omaha.Mom