A Giving Tuesday Guide:: Omaha Mom NonProfit Favorites 2020

Giving Tuesday Nonprofit favorites

Nebraska, particularly Omaha, is known for “nice,” generosity, and overall brotherly love. In this particular year, we’ve all been put through the wringer. Now is the time for us to show off our Nebraska Nice! This Tuesday, December 1st, is Giving Tuesday. We, as Omaha Moms, want you to display your generosity! We came together to show off our favorite nonprofits around town because of what they’ve done to make us better moms. So we hope you take the challenge and donate for Giving Tuesday to your favorite nonprofit. Not sure which one is your favorite? Check out ours! After all, they’re all nonprofits that have either personally affected us, or we’re deeply passionate about.

Be sure to share with us your favorite nonprofit by tagging us and adding #OmahaMomDonates2020 to celebrate Giving Tuesday!



Content Director

The Omaha Conservatory of Music is one of my favorite nonprofits for a variety of reasons! Ultimately, it is the organization that fostered my children’s love of music. Without the String Sprouts program, my kids wouldn’t have had such a rich musical education before the age of 5! Music truly rocks here!


I was a Boys and Girls Club Kid in high school. I’ve had the opportunity to work for them across the country, and it will forever hold a soft spot in my heart. No matter where we live if there is a B&G Club, it has all of my support, and I highly recommend that it receives the support of everyone else, too!




Sara F.


CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, are angels on earth. They are giving a voice to the neglected and abused children entangled in the foster care system. I was so fortunate to volunteer at their facility doing inventory for their Project Hope Pack. I am just so thankful for organizations like CASA who are a light in such darkness in so many kids’ lives.


“No Cost, Professional Women’s Center in Omaha, Nebraska.”

Easter 2019



Ashley S.


The Latino Center of the Midlands has three focuses: Family and Community Well-Being, Pathways to Success, and Workforce Education and Innovation. Through these focuses, they are making an impact in the Latino community in Omaha. I, especially, love their Siembra Nebraska program where young volunteers grew food this past summer for their community. Although my family has not lived in the Omaha area long, we look forward to supporting and learning more about the Latino Center of the Midlands.


The Autism Society–Omaha Support Network is made up of an army of advocates who are working hard to advocate, educate, and support our Omaha Metro. As you know, autism has no age limit. Our volunteers work hard to create autism-friendly events for our members of all ages. We are building a community of support from the ground up and we want to welcome you and invite you to join us as we make a better and stronger future for so many amazing individuals and their families.


Ashley H.


Angela J.


My husband used to work for the family that started this foundation to help with mental health awareness and suicide prevention. The founder had a daughter who committed suicide, and ever since, they have been reaching out to the community to facilitate conversations and to help everyone gain access to the help they need. With the state of the world right now, mental health is a top priority!


We rescued a golden from here before we had kids and have volunteered since. They are a great and supportive community, very generous people who care for animals that no others will, and animal care can get expensive.



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