Getting Your House “Sale” Ready:: Things to do Before Listing


The thought of selling your home can suddenly feel very overwhelming, especially if you have kiddos and a multitude of stuff. You are trying to manage your day-to-day activities as well as getting the house in the best shape for listing and showings. Here are some easy and basic tips to make this new adventure more manageable from a local realtor. 

Declutter Before Listing

Clear out those old toys that your kids don’t play with or the extra home decor you swear you were going to use again someday. Organize the kitchen cupboards. This is also a great time to check expiration dates on items you have to maybe lighten the load of things going to the next house. Make sure your counter tops in the kitchen are clear of their usual clutter—this will help your kitchen appear bigger and brighter. Arrange your closet to make them look their best because buyers will look in your closets, so don’t think you can get away with shoving all of your extra clutter into them and closing the door. 

Deep clean your home

Prospective buyers tend to look at every thing with a more critical eye, so wipe down blinds and baseboards, dust the ceiling fans and light fixtures! Cleaning the outside and inside of your appliances is also a great idea. They want to know your home was well cared for. Deep clean your carpets and get rid of any pet smells (if you have any). Then it’ll be ready for listing!

Depersonalize your house

Your family is beautiful and everyone loves to see their photos, however, potential buyers don’t need to see them. By removing these personal touches, the prospective buyer is able to envision their family living there and not getting distracted by your adorable son’s first birthday photo. 

Bust out the Paintbrush

Painting before Listing Your HouseTouch up paint on walls that may have gotten dinged over the years and put a fresh coat of paint in rooms that have been well loved. Is there a room with a neon yellow wall? Go ahead and paint it a neutral color ahead of listing it. Buyers can be turned off by unique colors and can rule out a house because of something as basic as a bedroom color. 

Basic Showing Tips

Once the home is on the market and listings are scheduled make sure you are not home during the showings. Nothing is more awkward than the homeowner being there watching your every move. Make sure you empty trash cans to eliminate any unpleasant odors and move any trip hazards (pet food bowls) prior to the showing. 

Make your Home Photo-ready for the Listing

Today’s buyers start their home research online and their first impressions are the photos shown online. They will want to see bright airy rooms with lots of room to grow.  Your goal is to impress prospective buyers so they can fall in love with your home the minute they walk in the front door. 

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