Happy National Hobby Month!


I tended to do well in the sciences and mainly focused on those courses in school. But, at home, I had a mother who was always dabbling in different hobbies. Little did I know back then, but helping my mom with crafts such as scrapbooking, quilting, flower arranging, and DIYs gave me the artistic outlet I didn’t know I was seeking. At the time, I questioned why many of those projects went unfinished. I wondered why we all of a sudden stopped doing some of those crafts. We still to this day have yards of yarn and various sizes of crocheting needles from about 15 years ago during our scarf making days.

Value in Hobbies

As an adult and even more importantly as a mother, I completely understand why those unfinished squares of quilted patches exist. Before I would have thought what a waste. Today I realize that the time invested in leisure and personal enjoyment is worthwhile and it wasn’t necessarily the finished project that was of value.

Hobbies don’t just offer enjoyment throughout our lives. They keep our minds sharp and make us more productive. Hobbies enhance your performance at work and at home. They also boost brain power as you age.

-Samantha Ettus from her book “The Pie Life.”

Celebrate National Hobby Month!

January is the month to pick up an old hobby or learn something new that you’ve always wanted to try. And no pressure! It doesn’t have to be anything big or elaborate. You simply have to enjoy your time while taking part in it and reap the benefits that hobbies offer. Personally, I do enjoy reading. I’ve noticed that I recently haven’t made the effort to pick up a good book and this month I vow that I will make time to read more every day. Another hobby I started doing is yoga. It’s challenging as well as calming and I hope to continue it a few times a week.

For My Kids

Like most moms, I cannot help but think of my children in everything I do. If I have hobbies to better my own well-being, then I’m also trying to find ways to do the same for my kids. We unintentionally introduced our kids to our hobbies. We not only read books every night, but my kids also observe me reading on my Kindle. It was funny explaining to a four-year-old that a 300-page book fit in such a small space! My husband shared his drawing skills with our son when he was two years old and now he has some of the most detailed drawings I’ve ever seen. But we also tried to explore other skills. The Home Depot Kids Workshop is always a hit. Swimming lessons are another hobby we introduced that we hope will become a life skill but also as an outlet for them as adults.

Block Calendar – Home Depot Kids Workshop

Make It Happen

If there is a hobby of yours that you want to pick up again or something that interests you and you’ve always wanted to do, make it happen in January! There really aren’t any rules as to what qualifies as being a hobby. If you enjoy spending time on an activity, it’s a hobby! I suggest signing up for a class or learning from others on YouTube. Over the last year, I’ve enjoyed online courses for brush calligraphy and even sewing. It may help to find a buddy to get started, even if it’s online! There are plenty of supportive Facebook groups with shared interests and in my experience have been more than willing to help out a newbie.

What are your hobbies and what will you be doing this January during National Hobby Month?