Restorative Yoga Flow for the Busy Mom: A Memoir of My Daily Practice

Restorative Vinyasa Yoga Flow for Moms
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Restorative Vinyasa Flow: Yoga for Mamas

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Mom-time: 60 minutes, spread over several hours

Props needed: Yoga mat

Slightly damp towel, from last night’s bath time, because you can’t find your yoga mat anywhere.

Water or organic herbal tea with organic, local honey from free-range bees

Cold coffee that’s been microwaved 3x, yet is somehow still cold.

Calming music

Cries from your children, singing the lilting song of their people because their instinct tells them mom is about to do something “relaxing.”

Begin in child’s pose

As your toddler climbs on your back and asks for a ride, exhale slowly. Allow the weight of his tiny, bony body, to compress you, helping you to sink deeper into the pose.

Enjoy 10, slow breaths here, as you begin to deepen and elongate your breath. Your intention for the day (and next 10 years of life) “sleep is for the weak”.

Transition to down dog

Be careful as you transition into a down dog. You may feel a bit sore, and those hamstrings might be a little tight after sitting for hours, nursing your beautiful children. Bend your knees slightly, tilt your sit bones toward the sky, and allow your head to hang comfortably.  

Continue to breathe, even as your one year old aggressively tenderly pulls your sports bra to the side and begins to nurse.  As your toddler lets go mid-letdown, you feel the warm spray of milk on your face.  

Optional: take a moment to cover your exposed breast before continuing.

Step to the front of your mat for your first forward fold.

Allow your torso to sway side to side, perhaps grasping opposite elbows. Continue to focus on your breath, even as your children both bend down to give you wet, sloppy, glorious kisses all over your face. Use the distraction as an opportunity to turn even deeper inwards, towards the gentle lull of your breath.

Inhale, slowly rolling your spine up into mountain pose.

Spread your toes and ground through all four corners of your feet. Embrace the damp, cool sensation of the towel beneath your feet. Slowly reach your arms wide and up towards the sky.  

Do not open your eyes; the sight of toys and clutter and unfolded laundry may make you feel overwhelmed. 

As you exhale, fold forward and move slowly through your first vinyasa. Step forward into a crescent lunge, inhale as you reach your arms up.  

The pungent smell of a full diaper wafts into your nose. Take a moment to really experience the scent while maintaining your breath. Take a quick break to take your youngest to the changing table to take care of said full diaper.  Be sure to wash your hands.  

After completing several sun salutations, you find yourself in a happy baby. 

As you press your lower back into the mat and gently wiggle side to side, massaging your low back, your 3-year-old practically sits on your face and joyfully toots on you.  

Settling into Savasana, allow yourself to relax into your final posture.  Both of your children decide to lay upon your chest, showering you yet again with wet, loud, and absolutely perfect kisses.  

Yoga Flow for Moms
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Your yoga flow looks a little bit different these days. 

A 15-minute yoga flow now takes an hour.
Yet your heart is more full today than it has ever been.
Namaste, mama.