The Cloth Facemask:: Reasons Why It’s My New Favorite Accessory


I know it’s a bit controversial right now, especially how, after prolonged wear, it gets damp and moist and traps most of my germs. But beyond that, let me tell you why I LOVE my cloth facemask.

Facemask Sewing Skillz.

Remember, in middle school, when the FCS teacher insisted we all learn how to reattach a button or sew a pillow? We never thought we’d need those skills, right? As it turns out, we do. My handy-dandy homemade facemask is visual evidence of my Home Economics grade. In other words, if it looks stunning, I bought it.


Oral Hygiene?

I love me some morning java. Caramel Macchiato is my fav. With my facemask in place, I get to savor that smooth, caramelly aroma all morning long. Mm-mmm goodness. Not to mention, it conceals the Oreos-for-breakfast evidence still stuck in my teeth.

Facemask = Sniffer filter.

For all those crop-dusting the aisles with their flatulence, you’re good! I can’t smell a thing in this thing. And if you are wearing your facemask, then you’re in the clear. That Black Bean Burrito recipe I tried last night was pretty potent.

Cover Those Moving lips.

I talk to myself. A lot. Out loud. Don’t judge, but when I’m in the grocery store scanning the shelf for regular Pesto, I verbalize: “Pesto, Pesto, Pesto, not creamy Risotto Pesto, ah-ha! Pesto!” Because let’s be honest, we don’t need to try that Black Bean Burrito recipe again.

Ache facemask…er…coverup.

Once a month, my face tends to revert to thinking I’m two decades younger than I am. Thank you, hormones. But now, my trusty-dusty accessory hides Everest when it pops up on my chin. Seriously, who needs concealer when you have a facemask? (Who needs makeup for that matter?)


See above. Who needs it? With a facemask covering half my face, my makeup-budgeting needs dropped like a rock!

Haircare, don’t care.

My go-to style has always been long and straight or in a ponytail. Curls, waves, and hairspray are best left to the professionals. When I don my cloth facemask and tie the bright and colorful strings behind my head, it flattens and smooshes any attempt I made (which I didn’t) at achieving an actual hairstyle. Messy bun, ponytail, dry shampoo for the fourth day…no one knows.

Incognito via Facemask.

Speaking of…if I haven’t showered or makeup-ed or had an updo lately, I also may not want to be recognized. I’ve learned from all the superheroes if you wish to conceal your true identity, wear a mask. It’s also fun to feel like I’m giving Big Brother and all the face recognition software a run for its money.

Mom-stache Help.

You know how somedays; you pull on shorts and take a gander at you at your legs and think: Uh, no—pants day. The facemask is like that! Pants for your face! Whether you wax or Nair or bleach or well, forgot to, the facemask has got you covered. For real.


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