Sisters Are Forever:: A Letter to my Sweet Sister, Stephanie


National Siblings Day is observed every year on April 10th. This national observance is to honor our brothers and or sisters, and while I do not have any full siblings,  I am blessed to have two sisters and three brothers.

Blood does not matter.

Half, step, or adopted brothers or sisters . . .  family is family.

While I love each of my five siblings, there is one in particular that I can not go without honoring this year, Stephanie. I lost my oldest sister in 2016, and this April, I want to honor her with a letter . . .

Dear Steph,

It is no coincidence while cleaning out my desk this past December, that I came across a note on a piece of orange textured paper filled with your messy and unique scribble from almost six years ago. I did not know it then how cherished this letter would become.

I have placed it on my desk to remind me everyday to follow my dreams, reach for the stars, pray always and that we will be sisters forever.

There are so many moments I catch myself longing for your presence here on earth. . . not just the holidays, or your birthday. I miss you when I am shopping at TJ Maxx, lunch dates, and decorating the Christmas tree. I miss our long phone calls, daily texts, I miss your hand holding mine, and our road trips that would sometimes lead us to the casino along the way. Most of all I miss your smile and your laugh.


It wasn’t always beautiful, our sibling relationship.

We had our disagreements and had our words with one another, but in the end we are sisters forever.

I long for the days that filled my heart with so many memories of you, sis. I find myself at a restaurant watching from afar two sisters laughing over brunch. I have found myself in the middle of an airport where sisters are taking a weekend trip together. Tears have fled down my cheeks reminiscing. Just the other day, I was at the chiropractor where a lady probably mid 70’s, walked in to the office where I was waiting for my appointment. She said that she wanted information about the services that they provided and mentioned that her sister referred her.  The receptionist responded that she loved her sister! The woman inquiring about services, said her sister is one of the funniest people she knows. 

Days like that make me yearn for you to still be here, I can’t help but daydream and wonder all the adventures that we would have together that would span another few decades, because you were also the funniest person I knew.

There are days like that when the pain is so fierce that my chest feels like a ton of bricks.

There are days that I see a rainbow and I look for you.

There are days that I take a walk and see a butterfly and I know it is you. Sometimes a sweet smile appears on my face, and there are days I fight back tears.

The reality hits hard when I come to realize that there are no more days with you.

Thank you for the days we were able to share together. 

So long, my sweet sister, Stephanie.

I love you to the moon and back.



If you have siblings, I encourage you to not harbor anger and to let go of anything that is keeping you from your brother or sister. There will come a day that you will find yourself wishing for what once was.

On April 10th, let them know you love them anyway.

Sisters are forever.



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