Remember the Magic: Happy Holidays


Holidays, for many, can be a stress filled time. Life is messy, busy, never goes as planned, and can feel overwhelming during the hustle and bustle. Unrealistic expectations of how things should be, where you should visit, with whom you should be festive with, can make it easy to get caught up in the all the details. When everything around is pushing us to go faster, do more, etc., I think it’s the perfect time to dial back, take a deep breath, and reevaluate what this season means to us and what we choose to focus on. 

It’s this time of year that brings forefront to our thoughts, the ideals, people, and moments that we consider “magical”.

Songs about this exact sentiment stream through the speakers of every department store, radio station, and doctor’s office around. This sense of heart warming nostalgia settles in like a creamy cup of coffee and a favorite book.
During this Holiday Season,  I have made it a point to practice gratitude and positive reflection. I’m smiling at some of the snapshots of memories that come to my mind; 
–Building the inevitable snow fort with my brother on the front lawn of our childhood home.
–Riding in the car looking at Christmas lights and displays.
–Participating in special programs at Church and portraying different characters in school Christmas plays.
–Falling asleep excited to wake early Christmas morning to find stuffed stockings and a present or two more under the tree.
–The first time I met my husband.

It’s the feeling of love that hangs a bit thicker in the air. . .

I remember my cousins and I lined up to sleep on my grandparents living room floor with the glow from the Christmas tree and giant string bulbs reflecting off the entry way and multi-color wrapped presents. The anticipation of gift exchanges the next day; eager to unwrap the inevitable matching “jammies”- made with love by Grandma.
Oh, the smell of her Butterhorn rolls she made from scratch, looking forward to a heap of her home-canned green beans (my favorite), her way-too-small meringue cookies, and seemingly endless supply of angel food cake!


My son is at the age when EVERYTHING is exciting and new. It has brought those same feelings out of the periphery and into my reality again. Experiencing his innocent sense of wonder is such a fun blessing and beautiful reminder.

While putting up our tree he couldn’t WAIT to hang each ornament just so. Every two or three that he placed he would announce “Merry Christmas Everyone”! As we were cleaning up our mess he exclaimed, “this is going to be the Best Christmas ever”. The joy in his little heart was an exclamation point to the truth that it is the little moments that create memories, and make this time of year so special. 

This Holiday season, I’m so grateful to have a revitalized appreciation of the celebration of love, family, and faith that it represents.

My wish is you find the light in the season as well!  Happy Holidays, Friends!

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Elizabeth has always had a passion for helping and advocating for people. She became a Certified Nursing Assistant the summer following her Junior year in high school. She worked in nursing homes, home health, and hospitals for the next 7 years. A Registered Nurse, she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from UNMC. She has enjoyed working in a couple of different ICU’s in both Western NE and in Colorado. Also worked in an OR and Pre/Post OP in Colorado. She met her husband four months after moving from NE to CO almost 11 years ago, and they have been married almost 10 years! They moved from CO to Omaha 2 years ago and are enjoying making it “home”. She has been a SAHM to their Rainbow for 3 years and truly love the wonder, creativity, persistence, and intellect that never slows! Aside from loving on her husband and child, she has a pretty major herbal tea addiction, with a mug collection to match. She enjoys adding to her stacks of unread books, watching her DVR’d ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ -don’t judge, I’m a lifer- and ‘This is Us’ TV shows, long strolls through Gordman’s, Target, and The Learning Center, and tapping into her creative side whenever possible.