October 15:: Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness — Forever Loved


pregnancy and infant loss october 15

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. As a community of mothers, we know of the grief that surrounds this very difficult topic and we hope to encourage conversation on the matter. 1 in 4 mothers experiences loss making it an all too common experience for many women.

This October, we want to make you feel seen and comforted.

We hope that many moms will read this and feel a sense of community and belonging in an area that isn’t talked about. This is why we wanted to provide a visual reminder for mothers that have lost their beloved little ones. We hope that if you’re a mother that is grieving that this provides a sense of relief and awareness to those who have not experienced this type of loss. We hope that you’re able to visit this list periodically and see the names of littles ones that are missed.

We’ll make sure that the names that you submit are posted as soon as possible. We hope to keep these names up for the remainder of October.

Forever Loved