Poop Group:: Staying Connected with Long Distance Friends


Yes, you read that correctly—poop group.

If you’re still with me, it’s because you’re intrigued. You’re asking, “What is this poop group you speak of?”

It’s exactly that, a group message where a few of my gal pals and I let each other know when we have taken a number two.

And, also, so much more!

Friends and The Beginnings of Poop Group

It started last October when one of us ladies shared a meme to a group text about “spooky dookey.” It was so funny that it was how she planned to refer to her business for the remainder of the month, and then it just took off from there. We all started to share our “spooky dookey” moments for the rest of October.

Poop Group
The start of it all, October 2018

As October drew to an end, we got excited to come up with fun phrases and emoji combinations (the poop emoji always involved) for the months that followed. We were fully committed to this idea of sharing these moments on the porcelain thrown with each other and making them match a fun theme for each month.

But it’s not just our bowel movements that we share. This is a group message, and we come back to each other in this thread with many things: exciting moments with our kids (cats for the kid-less gals), ridiculous things that our significant others do, a place to rant, where we share our personal wins, and everything in between.

We started where we all lived in the same area, but as a group of mostly military wives, I have now moved 1500 miles away, and the trend will continue as other ladies begin to move with their families. And, of course, the current pandemic hasn’t helped in keeping us close either.

Can you believe we are gals who enjoy chatting about poop?

Keeping Connected with My Lady Friends

Regardless of it just being a day where we each share the good news of our digestive tracks working well, we are staying in touch. It’s small conversations that are keeping us connected, something that gets much more difficult when we are no longer living 10 minutes away from our friends.

I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking, “What in the world?! Who in their right minds would share such a personal human bodily function?!” Others are on board with the “these are my kind of ladies!” mentality.

Is It Really About Poop?

It’s really not only about the poop, though. It’s finding the right friends in your life and getting creative in fostering that friendship when it is the hardest. Like I said, some days, we really do only share the information that started it all while other days it grows into something more.

Either way, we’re staying connected with people important in our lives and getting good laughs out of it along the way. And that’s something special that we all need.

Poop Group and Friendship
Somehow, we managed to only ever get 3 out of the 4 of us in a photo together.



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