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Hi everyone! I’m Kelsi. Nebraska girl, born and raised, and I’m so excited to be a contributor for OMB!


I’ve lived in Omaha for about 7 ½ years. It took me a couple of years, but now I truly call Omaha my home. I love that you can get anywhere in 15-20 minutes and that every week there are trendy new restaurants and businesses popping up on every side of town. It’s a great place to raise a family and we’re so lucky to have such close friends here. Plus, that Target a few minutes from my house can be a really good and bad thing all at once.


I’m a mom to two little girls, Harper (3) and Kollins (9 months). I really love everything about motherhood. I love watching my girls learn new things every day, I love the hugs and cuddles I get when I pick them up from daycare (most days), and I love listening to my 3 year old belt out Moana or sing herself to sleep. Being a mom is the best, but there are challenges for sure. My 3 year old is a typical, stubborn toddler. Finding the patience to deal with her need to change her choice of shoes right before we get out the door (among everything else) is not easy. I feel that the hardest part about motherhood may be dealing with all of the negativity and judgement that comes with it. Nobody really ever tells you – you’ll get judged, you’ll get unwanted advice, and you’ll want to hurt the person who is staring you down because 

they don’t believe in ‘bribing’ their kids to get them through the Target aisle without a melt down. I mean really, can’t we all just get along?  



I’m excited to be a contributor for OMB because I love to share positivity. I feel it’s super important to build moms up rather than try to tear them down. I’m excited to share unique perspectives on being a mom of young girls, working full-time,and trying to manage everything else that’s thrown at me. I’m excited to share my personal experiences in hopes that others can relate and think, ‘dang, me too’.  I will also be excited to share several new fun family activities that I’m continuously finding out about…as well as where to get the best happy hour!

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Kelsi is a small-town girl at heart living in what her dad calls ‘the big city’. She is a wife to Joe and mom to girls, Harper (3 year) and Kollins (9 months). She has a chocolate lab named Rollie who can prove to be the most high-maintenance of them all. Besides being a wife & mom Kelsi works full-time at a local non-profit. In her spare time, she loves traveling around NE visiting family, Husker game days, friends, drinks and patios.


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