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As an Iowa native, I always knew I would leave my roots…after all, isn’t that what most young people say? What I didn’t realize is that I would move across the river! While circumstances brought me to Huskerville, the community kept me here. Omaha provides everything from entertainment to education for all ages. Within a twenty minute drive, you can find both urban and rural areas, combining the best of both worlds.

We have such a spectacular array of people who truly care for one another. There are always activities to participate in, regardless of where you reside. From Parks and Recreation to Farmers Markets, to a variety of musicians, the ability to seek activities is endless.




For a woman who had never technically planned on being a mom, God blessed me with two of the most amazing boys at the young ages of 39 and 40. Today, while many of my friends are becoming grandparents, I am spending time with moms who could be my own children!

I often joke that having my children at a younger age would have provided me with more energy to parent them; however, I am not sure I would have the same patience as I do now. For me, having my children at the bookmarked “advanced maternal age” created difficult pregnancies and a very close relationship with my practitioners.

Having small children in my 40’s also allowed me to have nearly two decades of a fulfilling career prior to staying at home with my boys. Admittedly, I tried working outside the home when my oldest was a baby, which didn’t last very long. While it may have been difficult to leave my job, I was now going to have the most important job of my life…raising my boys. I won’t lie, it was a very difficult adjustment for me, however, we will touch more on that topic at a later date.


Why write for OMB? I am a firm believer in the power of many. I believe we are stronger together. When women support one another, amazing things begin to happen around us. In regard to parenting, while we all view things differently, I believe we all want the same things: happy and healthy children. 

We can learn from another and find solace in the understanding that we are not alone on this journey. Let’s be honest, sometimes being a mother is a lonely job. There are times when there is little recognition or feedback. Some days you feel as though you are at the end of your rope and then your little puts their arms around your neck and plants a sloppy kiss on you. 

We need a safe place to share, to vent ,to teach ,and to learn.  That is what drew me to be an OMB contributor.  After all, who understands a mom better than another mom? 

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Born and raised in Northern Iowa, Cindi and her husband Chad bravely relocated to Huskerland nearly two decades ago and have made Omaha their home. Prior to becoming a mom to her two boys who are 19 months apart, Cindi was a social worker, specializing in child abuse/neglect cases. Cindi enjoys writing, empowering others to take charge of their wellness via her blog, Wellness Warrior and volunteering in her children’s activities and school. She can often be found at a local coffee shop or anywhere outdoors when she isn’t working directly with her clients. She and her family also care for their three rambunctious dogs and enjoy an active lifestyle.


  1. Cindi– I love that you believe in the power of “many”. What a great way to say that we need each other! It was nice meeting you the other night, and I can’t wait to see your future posts.

  2. I love that you will have a perspective of an “older” mom, my first is 14, my last is 1, I am feeling like a grandma! Great to meet you!

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