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Two years ago our family moved 25 miles north of Omaha, to Missouri Valley, for my husband Mike’s job. He commutes between Council Bluffs, Omaha, and Sioux City doing bridge and heavy highway construction (sorry about those road delays around I-80!). We love being part of the greater Omaha area and the ways both big and small communities have embraced us. Living here has given us awesome opportunities to bond as a family as we spend our weekends at the zoo, exploring parks, seeing exhibits at the Children’s Museum, and visiting whatever restaurants that will host our loud and crazy family of six!


Motherhood has changed me inside out, and I love it. My daughter Emmy is five, then I have three boys: Mack is four, Archer is two, and Charlie turns one in January. My journey as a Mom has had lots of ups and downs as we have lived far from our families back in Chicago, moved several times, learned to parent alongside a husband who frequently travels, and dealt with a few rounds of Post-Partum Depression. My kids teach me how to be present and show me ways to love them well in the midst of chaos. I really felt surprised by motherhood, it’s so weird that parenting is nothing like the babysitting experiences I had in my teens! But now as I grow into my different roles I am learning how each season can bring more and more joy as I learn to celebrate both the magnificent and the mundane.


I am grateful for this opportunity to partner with the writers and readers of the Omaha Moms Blog. The Omaha community has been such a welcoming place to me that I hope I can reciprocate that friendliness through my writing. Some of my passions are learning to live simply (spoiler: I suck at it!), pursuing marriage during difficult seasons, and shedding light into some of the darker, lonelier arenas of motherhood. If I get some free time, I instantly retreat with a book and a warmish cup of coffee, or hide in the pantry eating whatever candy I can get my hands on. In these busy times finding community is hard, and that truth adds to the significance of bringing an uplifting perspective and a little laughter to everyone we meet!


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