Omaha Mom:: Introducing Rachel

Picture by Ariel Panowicz Creative


Hey mamas! I’m Rachel Fox and I’m so excited to be on the Mom Squad of Omaha Mom contributors. Although I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, I call Omaha home. I came here at the tender age of six from Arkansas and have been here ever since. I own a consulting company primarily focusing on web design. I founded a nonprofit organization for girls and women called, You Go Girl. I also run a floor covering company with my husband. I love the Omaha community because there is so much promise here. I feel safe here. My family is here. Omaha gets a bad rap for not having much to do. However, I beg to differ. Like anything worth having, you have to search for it. Omaha has so many hidden gems and new things to discover. Plus it’s the perfect place to return to after you have gone away to visit other things that aren’t around (like the beach). 


My husband and I have ELEVEN beautiful children and one grandbaby. We are a blended and mixed-race family with lots of love and organized chaos (as I like to call it). No, not all of the children live with us (or I’d be out of my mind rendering me unable to be part of this group). I love being a mom. It gives me so much joy and crazy content for everything in life. To think I have been blessed with the opportunity to raise humans, it’s just amazing. Being a mother is the boss of all professions. We are often taken for granted because people think “she’s just a mom,” but we are so much more than that.


I love to write. I have been writing since I was in elementary school. I loved to write book reports and short stories. My style of writing is conversational, so I hope that when you read my posts, it’s like sitting across from me enjoying a warm cup of coffee. Trust me when I tell you that there is no lack of stories that I have to share about parenting, business, friendship, marriage, and life in general. I’m excited to share and get to know all of you, and I like comments so show me some love and interact with me!

We’re excited to have Rachel join us!