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Hi! My name is Angela Jeck. I have lived in Omaha since I was ten years old. Originally, I am from Wyoming, and we still make it there frequently to visit family and enjoy the glorious outdoors. I graduated from Omaha Public Schools and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha, so the city has been my home for a while, and I wouldn’t change it for anything! I love that Omaha has so much to offer families, while also offering artistic, culinary, and multicultural experiences. It’s the perfect balance of small-town and big city.


Before I was a mom, I taught English and American Government at the high school level for a few years, and then I moved on to admissions work at a university. Now I am lucky to teach from home a couple of mornings a week and stay home with my kids during the day.

Angela Jeck Family
Photo Credit: Exposures by Amy

I am a mother to two children, Seamus (pronounced “Shay-mus”), who is almost seven years old and Magdalena, (Maggie), who is four years old. I am also a step-mother to Isabella, fifteen years old, and a dog mom to two dogs, a little senior Yorkie Maltese, and a large, energetic German Shepherd puppy. Our house is always bustling and active, and my heart wants to burst at all the cuteness that surrounds me. Being a mother can be so challenging and comes with so many feelings, but I have never known anything in life to bring me such deep joy.

Angela Jeck's children
Photo Credit: Exposures by Amy


I am looking forward to connecting with women from all backgrounds in the Omaha area. After my closest friends moved away to travel the world (and didn’t have kids at the same time as me), I knew I needed to build a support system that was nearby. I have met some wonderful mothers in the Omaha community, and I have learned that connecting with other women who are on a similar journey helps to enrich my own motherhood experience. Through my writing, I hope to provide a sense of common ground and community to mothers out there as we forge down this journey together.

We’re so excited to have Angela join us!


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