Moms Just Wanna Have Fun!


As the summer winds down, I pour myself a margarita and take a moment to look at my summer bucket list. I want to make sure I’ve achieved the “perfect summer.” Oh yeah, it’s not much of a list with just one thing written down. Have fun, Mom!  I’m not talking about the ordinary hit all the great sites that Omaha has to offer or make sure to visit the library as much as we visit the pool kind of fun. This was a specific kind of fun. A fun just for me. A fun that screamed “I may be a mom, but I still know how to have a kick-ass summer!” A fun that had ME running through the sprinklers at the splash-pad without worrying about my hair and makeup, a fun that saw me on all fours crawling through small spaces without caring what I may look like, a fun that occasionally saw me actually hanging out with my friend’s sans kid. There, I said it. My number one goal this summer was to have some fun without my kid. I love her to pieces, but let’s get real; Moms just wanna have fun too!!!

One of the things I love about Omaha is that while we have amazing activities for our families to engage in, Omaha provides a playground for adults as well. There are these pockets of small-town vibes dotted throughout our town with fun names like Benson, Dundee, Aksarben, and Midtown. They provide an underground music and Art scene that has gained international attention, host more breweries and start-up restaurants than you could count, and should have tourist maps all their own. I spent my precious free-time scoring through boutiques, sampling from food trucks, and listening to the hustle and bustle of my town at Farmers Markets-which you can find almost any day of the week. This town is full of “hidden gems”; you just got to get out there and find them!  In fact, if you happen upon one, please share with us!  We would love to create a list based off of moms who just wanna have fun!

Here’s a list of some “hidden gems” my friends and I frequent:

*Thai Food: Thai Esarn 

*For info about Benson

*Shopping: Overland Sheepskin

*Check out Aksarben

*Comfort food: Kitchen Table 

*Vegan food: Modern Love 

*Stay up to date with what’s up in Dundee

*For yoga and massages: Essentials 

*Shopping: Be Yourself Boutique 

*Midtown happenings

*Drinks with the Girls (have not tried it yet, but can’t wait too!) Laka Lono Rum Club

Who, What, Where would YOU add to this list?!



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