Minimalism for Moms:: Tips to get you closer to your goal

minimalism for moms
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As a mom, you might be scoffing at the mere thought that minimalism is obtainable.

After all, kids come with stuff. Stuff we’d never even heard of before we had kids. And as we acquiesce to the playland our home becomes for the next 5-10 years, we think of owning less and living more as a ‘someday’ dream.

I have plenty of someday dreams, but minimalism isn’t one of them. Minimalism doesn’t mean you need to only own enough to throw in a backpack. You’re blissfully and bless-fully busy taking care of tiny humans, tiny humans that need things. So let’s chat about what you can do in your life now to bring minimalism into focus and give you hope for tomorrow and the years ahead.

Get Inspired.

If you need a minimalism pick-me-up, turn to the pros at Next, read a couple of books by Joshua Becker (The More Of Less & Clutterfree With Kids). I’ve read The More Of Less, and it changed my life.

Things come into your life for a reason and a season, right? The season on material objects does not have to be a life-long winter. Let go of the heavy boxes of art your two-year-old created at their first preschool class. I’m not saying toss it all, but maybe pick a piece or two that is extra special and part with the rest. You might be surprised that your heart feels fuller and lighter.

One of my favorite motivators is:

It doesn’t matter where you start, as long as you start.

Excess. Our consumeristic society is driven by excess. As Americans, you’ve likely heard that our food portions are out of control. I know this rings true for me. I basically exercise so I can enjoy my extra portions.

Look around your house, what’s spilling out? Can you shut your kid’s underwear drawer? Can you find anything in the kitchen junk drawer riddled with pens, rubber bands, and post-its? Does getting dressed for the day make you feel inspired or stressed out because you can barely make out where the t-shirts end and the sweaters begin?

This is excess, my friends. This is where you start.

Toys are a big one. Consider what your kids actively play with daily, and work with them to donate the rest—three birds, one stone:

Minimalism, Tidiness, Kindness.

This doesn’t just apply to material items. You might want to take a look at your family’s calendar. Excess can occur in the activities we choose to fill our time.

What can you do today to pull your closer to your minimalism goal?

It doesn’t have to be anything big; it just has to be.

If you’re looking for a few items to help get you started (even though we are talking about owning less and not more), here are a few of my favorite things I own myself.

  • Digital Photoframe: Worth it. These can get pricey; however, I never enjoyed my photos half as much by printing them out. I get to enjoy thousands of my favorite photos ALL.THE.TIME. We have NixPlay.
  • Kindle: If you’re into reading, a kindle or some other type of reading device is undoubtedly worth your coin. It takes up less space than a book and is much easier to cart around. Audible is also a good option.
  • Minimalist Wallet: Hear me out, purse lovers gasping everywhere. I don’t carry one. I rarely carry a diaper bag. I have a slim wallet capable of holding my insurance card, my Costco card, my driver’s license, my credit card, and more cash than I’d likely ever use. Chapsticks and lipsticks stay in my car, and I literally can’t think of anything else I need on my person. (Sara, what about…ya know…tampons?) Great question. Depending on your preferences, you may need a small crossbody bag when Aunt Flo pays a visit. Or you can get applicator-free tampons that fit right in your pocket paired with Thinx underwear for a minimalist lifestyle that doesn’t fill your cupboards with boxes of lady hygiene products.
  • Planner: This one is for mama’s who enjoy writing things down. This isn’t me, but I have friends who swear by a paper planner. I keep everything in my phone calendar, which cuts down on one more thing in my home. However, I understand how a planner can help you sort and itemize your belongings and goals to help you achieve the minimalist lifestyle you’re working towards.

Some people might come over to my house and gawk in disbelief that I claim to lead a minimalist lifestyle. The truth is, I ebb and flow. I work towards minimalism when I can and give myself grace when the toybox overflows…again.

You do You.

**I’m not receiving any kickbacks for the products linked above. I have utilized all of these products and sharing them with you because they’re my favorites!**

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Sara is a career child welfare worker turned career mama. After having their first child, Marian (Feb 2017), she realized her true calling in life was to mom and mom hard! Sara resides with her husband, Blake, and daughter in West Omaha. They are expecting their second child, Henry, August 2019. Sara is a Nebraska transplant from Iowa while Blake grew up in Bellevue, NE. She has a professional background in child development, psychology, and human services, and puts these degrees to use every day in raising her children. Sara is a staunch believer in only being able to care for others when you also care for yourself. When she’s not momming, she can be found reading books from a book club she co-leads, cooking, or crafting.


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