Make Pie for National Pi Day


Happy National Pi(e) day!

Pre-Pandemic, I was not a pie girl, nor would it be the first thing that I would choose to eat or whip up in the kitchen when it came to a sweet treat . . .

Fast forward one year later, and I can’t even count the number of pies I have baked for our family during quarantine.

Although March 14 is all about the math constant 3.14, math has never been my forte, and who doesn’t love another national holiday to celebrate by eating something tasty?

Celebrate National Pi(e) Day Omaha MomSome members of my family arguably believe that Village Inn has the best pies. My dad would argue that Six Mile Cafe in Dawson, Nebraska, has wonderful pies, but according to my taste buds, nothing beats a freshly baked homemade pie that brings me all the way back to decades of memories with my grandmother in the kitchen.

In 2020, I found joy in baking and trying out all of my grandmother’s old recipes. I finally perfected an apple pie, my grandma’s pumpkin pie, and my great-grandma’s chocolate pie. On my first attempt at pumpkin pie, I accidentally used a large can of evaporated milk instead of the small can and couldn’t figure out why the pie just wouldn’t set right and seemed a bit runny. After a call to my great-aunt Betty, she went over the recipe with me and we had a laugh. The second time I made it, I bought sweetened condensed milk instead of a small can of evaporated milk. I guess you could say the third time really is the charm!

With many Omaha metro schools’ spring break coinciding with National Pi Day, what better way to have the kids help you out than in the kitchen testing out their math skills (honoring 3.14), creating some memories, and baking up a delicious pie?!

If you know me, you also know that it’s no secret that I quite enjoy critiquing desserts from bakeries. I guess you could say it’s one of my hobbies to try different desserts and compare each and every treat based upon some of my favorite bakeries that I have visited throughout the country.

If you aren’t up for baking in honor of 3.14 Day, how about heading out on a search for the best local slice of pie and having a family vote to see which one is the favorite as a fun family activity.

Here are a few local pie makers that you could try:

This year, our family plans to celebrate by baking together and delivering a few freshly baked slices to some of the fellow Omaha Mom contributors who have volunteered to be my official taste testers!

What about you? What’s your favorite pie to make? Where’s the best pie in the Omaha area? Share with us in the comments below!

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