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After a decade of living in Colorado, I moved to Omaha just over 2 years ago. I am a Native Nebraskan, born and raised on the much less populated western side of the state. After spending two years at Union College in Lincoln, I finished my BSN degree at the UNMC College of Nursing- West NE division.
I love that Omaha is a family-friendly city, with many a small town feel. There is such an awesome variety of interests represented. Everyone can find their niche; be it if you love museums, good music venues, sporting events, or great restaurants.


Being a mom was one role I KNEW I wanted since I was a little girl. It never crossed my mind that I could one day find myself listening to the words, “you will never have kids”. After 6 years together, my husband and I were shocked to learn that we were expecting. However, at just under 19 weeks gestation, we delivered our first son, Thaddeus. I never imagined becoming a mother would have such heart-wrenching strings attached. . .

A true answer to our prayers; I am so blessed to be called Mommy by our beautiful rainbow, Zaine. He is 3 years old and such an intuitive, inquisitive, intelligent, entertaining, hilarious, sensitive soul, and a true beacon for this mama’s heart.

As a SAHM, I love that every day I get to be there when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep. Experiencing his smiles, seeing his enthusiasm for the “little things”, his love of learning new skills, watching his brain at work while he plays, and all the creative stories he comes up with, has really been a gift! Coming from a very career minded background, I had so many ideals of what staying home would be like. Many of them have proved true, but I will say, it is not for the faint of heart! You definitely learn a lot about yourself as well!  


 I am so grateful to my friend who introduced me to OMB, and gave me the thought to become a contributor. I am truly excited for this opportunity to share my thoughts and my heart with a community of other moms! I still have SO much to explore and learn about Omaha and all it has to offer for mothers and families, but I am looking forward to the connections and ideas that being a part of this blog will offer.

Because we each have different experiences, stories, traditions, upbringings, etc., we all generate a unique outlook on parenting and what being a mother means.

My perspective is partly influenced by my child loss in the second trimester, staying at home with my rainbow, my Faith, and being a nurse who loves science and research yet is referred to as the “hippie” among my family and friends. I hope to offer words that readers can connect with and a voice that may echo their own. Thanks SO much for reading! I feel honored to get to write for you!

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Elizabeth has always had a passion for helping and advocating for people. She became a Certified Nursing Assistant the summer following her Junior year in high school. She worked in nursing homes, home health, and hospitals for the next 7 years. A Registered Nurse, she graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing from UNMC. She has enjoyed working in a couple of different ICU’s in both Western NE and in Colorado. Also worked in an OR and Pre/Post OP in Colorado. She met her husband four months after moving from NE to CO almost 11 years ago, and they have been married almost 10 years! They moved from CO to Omaha 2 years ago and are enjoying making it “home”. She has been a SAHM to their Rainbow for 3 years and truly love the wonder, creativity, persistence, and intellect that never slows! Aside from loving on her husband and child, she has a pretty major herbal tea addiction, with a mug collection to match. She enjoys adding to her stacks of unread books, watching her DVR’d ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ -don’t judge, I’m a lifer- and ‘This is Us’ TV shows, long strolls through Gordman’s, Target, and The Learning Center, and tapping into her creative side whenever possible.


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