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Melissa FryBrief background

Melissa was born and raised in Omaha! She was determined to work at KETV and finally got hired after seven attempts. She had the opportunity to work several different shifts since she started in 2008. One very important story changed her life in 2012 when she covered a story about vacant house fires. She met her future husband who works for the fire department. They struck up a friendship and started dating a year later! Melissa and her husband were married in 2015 and she became a stepmom to three boys. This is when she was introduced to the working mom life. They had their first child together, Michael, in 2017. Then came Charlie in 2018 and they are so excited for another baby to join them in September 2019. She is really getting the working mom life down!

Melissa loves working the morning show and here is why!

There is something about the morning show that is so fun! Professionally, I really enjoy knowing about things before the rest of the world. Personally, I like the ability to get up and do me first. Enjoy my job, my coworkers, my profession, and challenge myself. I then get to leave at 9am and be home with the kids all day. A lot of people ask when do I sleep and I say I go to bed when the kids do! 

How do you hope your life influences and/or inspires other women?

I am an Omaha Mom

A lot of people think I’m crazy to go to work at 3 o’clock in the morning and sometimes on little to no sleep. I hope they get the message that if they really love doing something and they are passionate about something then do it!

I like still working. It is important to me [and] something I am passionate about. I really enjoy what I do and serving the community in the capacity that I do. It is something I didn’t want to give up and don’t think I ever will. 

If God has given them this gift of serving our community in some capacity, then they should do it. Whether you’re serving people in education, the health field, an insurance agent, or in any capacity, I feel like if that is something you are compassionate about, then you should continue to do it. You can do both. You can be a great parent no matter what your circumstances are. 

Live your life and do what you feel you are destined to do.

Describe yourself in 4 words

Optimistic, Fun, Dedicated, and Compassionate. 

Why do you call Omaha home?

I was born and raised here! All of my family is here.

If we peeked inside your purse, what would we find?

Well, it depends! Sometimes my diaper bag is my purse. It is actually very clean and simple—I like being organized. The little things that I can control, I like to hyper control. So, in the midst of chaos, I don’t like to have a lot of baggage on me.

What is your funniest or most embarrassing kid story?

I was dropping off the older boys and I had baby Michael in the car as well as the two dogs. I went out to give them a hug goodbye and the dogs were jumping around in the car and one of them locked the car. I was mortified! Luckily, it was a nice day, the air conditioning was on inside, and he was fine. He was just chilling in there. But I was in panic mode and, luckily, I was in a driveway! 

Melissa FryOmaha Favorites

Date night:

My husband and I like to try all types of restaurants. One of our favorite go to’s is Charred!


Amazon! Because what mom wants to go somewhere with kids? I also love Hobby Lobby. 


My husband and I love going on walks. We love to walk around Old Market, Benson, and different neighborhoods. We love to go to the movies and the pool in the summer. I think someday, when the kids are older, we will be able to break away and do more things. Right now we are in the phase of short bursts of entertainment.


I love doing yoga at Lighthouse Yoga. My husband and I walk every single day when the weather is good. We take the double stroller and it is our time to talk. No cell phones allowed! We enjoy the weather [and] stop at the park. We try to go to different city parks around town.  That is our thing—our jam! We really enjoy the simple stuff. 

Thank you Melissa for such a wonderful interview!  We love how you serve Omaha!

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Genevieve is the owner and founder of Omaha Mom. She was born in Michigan, raised in Iowa, and calls Omaha “home”. That makes her a midwestern girl at heart. Genevieve is wife to Jim and mother to Jeremiah (2013) and Arielle (2015). They are a family that work hard and play harder! Genevieve learned first hand how important having a “mom tribe”, or a “village” is to being a mother. When Genevieve and family are not out exploring everything Omaha has to offer, you will find them cuddled up with a book, running around in circles, playing in the backyard or showing off their crazy dance moves!


  1. Melissa Fry you are such a breath of fresh air every morning! You are a shining light to Mom’s and everyone! Thank you for sharing your life with us! It is so refreshing!

  2. My wife and I start each day with Melissa and John. Melissa, your smile, happiness, and personality send us into the day refreshed and energized. Proud of your commitment to each of your roles yet balance it with roles of wife, mom, sibling, etc. So pleased you are thinking of coming back after getting #3 settled. Thank you for being you!

  3. My Husband and I have been watching Channel 7 news seems like forever. When you came to the station and your first report we just smiled beyond belief. You just shine and smile with such confidence. Seeing you in the morning with John makes our day. Thank you KETV for hiring this young woman to give us brightness on gloomy days.

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