Five Netflix Shows that put a Comedic Twist on Modern Motherhood


I have picked five of my favorite Netflix shows that will take your mind off whatever nonsense motherhood has thrown at you today.

They are authentic and hysterical. Each one of these makes me feel less alone. They show moms who are struggling in many familiar ways, and they share stories that we could have told.

Netflix and motherhood

I’m Sorry

A little dirty and a lot of immature humor will have you rolling on the floor. The main character, Andrea, is a wife, mom, and comedy writer. Her parenting style is blunt, brutally honest, and unfiltered. This is a must-watch for moms who may need a little validation that things could be worse.

Workin’ Moms

Balancing a career and family is a wild ride. This show demonstrates four very different moms trying to do just that. As a working mom myself, I have watched every season, and it keeps getting better. It is a must-watch for any new mom who may be juggling mom guilt while maintaining her career outside the home.

The Let-Down

An Australian comedy that highlights all the drama of being a new mom. Audrey, the main character, navigates a parenting support group where she meets friends who are struggling like her to manage it all. This show is for all moms who may be feeling disappointed in their new journey as a mother.

Otherhood (movie)

A wholesome movie about three mothers and their adult sons: it explores the ever-evolving relationship with your children. This movie takes us into the world after motherhood, otherhood. These three moms are on a journey to relate to their adult sons and redefine their role in their son’s lives. This film is perfect for anyone who may have older children or a house full of sons.

Fun Mom Dinner (movie)

Four moms with preschool-aged children go out (on a school night). The night is chaotic, full of bad decisions and disasters. It’s a hilarious movie filled with A-list comedic actors. If you are looking for a quick escape, I’d suggest a glass of wine and this movie.

What are your current mom favorite comedies on Netflix? 

*These shows are currently on Netflix (December 2020)


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