Diventures Adventures:: Swim Lessons and Beyond

We are proud to partner with Diventures!

DiventuresWe love to swim as a family. We enjoy leisurely things like jumping into the pool, playing Marco Polo, and  “Dad throws kids into the water.” My older kiddos have done a few years of two-week swimming lessons during the summer, and they’re always excited at the chance to go to a pool! I took my son, Graham, who is almost 8 years old, to a free 30-minute trial swimming lesson at Diventures. Clad in last year’s too-short swim shirt and goggles complete with a little basement dust, he was ecstatic.

Swim Lessons at Diventures!

What did he learn while at Diventures?

In a 30 minute lesson, I dare say that he learned more than he did in his 2-week stint from last summer. The backstroke was broken down into 3 easy-to-remember steps, and in that short amount of time, he went from frantic windmill arms to more controlled movements. I got the feeling that for his age range, this is the place you go to learn your basics and learn them well. An interesting part of the lesson setup is that for those parents who choose to sit in the pool area, a bell is rung when 5 minutes remain. That time is used for the kids to show their parents what they’ve learned.

What makes Diventures stand out?

They offer a wide range of classes. Chubby babies in swim diapers and graceful ballerina-like swimmers swam around. There are also adult swimming lessons, swim team, and scuba diving lessons as well as scuba certification programs.

The instructors are attentive. My son’s level consisted of classes with 4 kiddos or less. His instructor gave undivided attention and loads of eye contact to the child she was working with.

Safety is a clear priority.  When it’s not your turn, you sit on the edge of the pool. My son’s class was in the 14-foot area. From my perspective, there was very little chance of a kid slipping into the water unnoticed. In addition to the small class size, there is also a “Deck Manager.” They are mostly a lifeguard with eyes on all parts of the pool.

THEY HAVE A PUFFER FISH. A fish tank in the seating area boasts of some pretty fascinating fish, including a pufferfish.

Why should someone look into swimming lessons at Diventures?

Besides the things listed above, here are some other pragmatic pros:

The changing rooms were spotless. 

The toilet paper was not wet from the swimmer’s hands. Thank you.

The whole environment felt relaxed and safe. The employee who gave me the tour explained that there are no locks on the lockers because there’s just not a need. “I’ve had things in my locker for over a year, and they’re still there.”

DiventuresWhat should I expect at a lesson?

They offer one free trial lesson. Call and make an appointment for a complimentary swim lesson trial. Then bring your kid’s towel and swimsuit! It was easy.

Parents can sit in the lobby area and watch the lessons through the glass. When in the pool area, you can’t see through the other side to the spectators. This is perfect for those boys and girls who do better when they’re not making faces at mom.

The other option is to sit on benches that surround the pool. I opted for this, though the 90-degree air was a bit jarring for me. The July baby in my belly was kicking up a storm. Perhaps she knows that this type of humidity will greet her when she’s ready to exit her current living situation. Also? I witnessed a non-sweating woman wearing a turtleneck. Bless you, Nebraskans. 

In my opinion, Diventures is worth looking into. After all, they won first place for Youth Swim Lessons in the 2020 Best of Omaha list and placed in Best of Omaha for the last 8 years!  If you are looking for a way to cement necessary skills into your kids’ swimming experiences, try it. If you have proficient swimmers and are looking for dedicated instructors, try it. If you like pufferfish, try it.

In my son’s words, “I give it 1,000 thumbs up.