The Baby Making Factoy Is Closed


We have three girls. Three excitable, loving, different little girls. Three kids are a lot of work, a lot of shared time, a lot of life lessons to teach and A LOT of money. It is assumed because we have all girls a boy is still in the cards. First andforemost, no. We are done. Let’s just shoo that elephant out of the room now. We tried and a boy is not happening. My brother gave me a nephew so I can love that boy enough. 

It’s not just about having all girls, it’s about the economic expenditures coming out of our assets that are the greatest deterrent!


We want all of our children to have a fair chance at life, therefore all the children get the same amount of whatever. In turn, that creates a crazy amount of money going out. Had I connected the dots prior, the first girl probably wouldn’t have been as catered to! Do I think I could go for more kids physically and mentally? Maybe. However, we want to go on adventures and vacations with the kids. The more children we accumulate the more money it takes to go on said adventures and vacations. So, unless all goes on a credit card (which is against our financial comfort zone), then we have to budget and plan years in advance and I don’t want to have to add on more years to that planning than is already there. Everyone needs the same amount of dresses, clothes, hair thingies, stuffies and preschool tuitions. Kids are spendy!! 

We are also ready to move on from the baby/toddler stage.

To not be chaos in public is the ultimate goal here! Someday I would like to sit at a restaurant as a family and not have food being dropped on the floor, a cup tipped over, deal with random outbursts of excitement OR disgust, and feeling obligated to tip insanely because of the ridiculous mess we left at the table (and that’s after already tidying up). It would also be nice to have an adult conversation without 15 different side conversations that do not pertain to anything that we are talking about because our children have the ability to completely take over any adult situation. 

Ultimately. .  .

I have loved every stage and babyhood was absolutely indescribable, however, I enjoy watching them bloom into beautiful young ladies. I am ready to get back to me if only just a little, ready to see them become productive members of society (because that’s their only option while living under our roof….ha), ready to prepare them for proms, marriages and a loooong, loooong way down the road….babies of their own. It’s time for us to move on to the next chapter of life, so no, we will not be trying for a boy or most likely (AGAIN) a girl for that matter.






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Lauren is a 30 (and some change) years old mother, wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, outdoor enthused, coffee infused, crunchy, Pinterest junkie, Amazonaholic--the most appropriate title depends on the time of day! She and her husband Neil have three daughters, Savannah (4.5), Harper (3.5) and Paisley (4 months). They enjoy small town living with big city entertainment by living on the outskirts of Omaha in Louisville, Nebraska. She works as a full time mommy and daycare provider by day and a part time social services/medical records assistant at a nursing home by night. Neil is a food services director for public schools, and it seems that the girls are preparing for careers in persuasive negotiating. Growing up she never thought much about having kids other than "someday" wanting to dabble. Now that "someday" is here, being a parent is her number one passion. However, it can be a lonely and overwhelming place at times, so she enjoys being able to share the trials, tribulations and joys of mommyhood as a Omaha Moms Blog Contributor!