National Chocolate Covered Everything Day:: 2020 Is Better in Chocolate


chocolate-covered dayThe first time I read a sign for chocolate-dipped bacon strips at the Iowa State Fair, my jaw may have dropped…in sheer horror. Bacon—Yum. Chocolate—Double Yum. Together? Ew…

chocolate-covered bacon


Well, those folks aren’t wrong. Almost everything is better with chocolate. No wonder there’s a National Chocolate-Covered Everything Day. And this year, don’t you just wish we could dunk 2020 in chocolate and comfort eat the entire year’s woes away?!

What will you eat that’s dipped in chocolate?

  • Fruit?
  • Nuts?
  • Pickles?
  • Bacon?
  • Snickers Bars?

Perhaps the more apt question is:

What won’t we eat in chocolate?

And is this purely a gluttonous American phenomenon? While this is a national (not international) observance, I suppose we should be glad we don’t see chocolate-covered termites at our local fairs quite yet. Though, these would arguably be more nutritious than chocolate-covered bacon or Snickers Bars.

What do you think?

Are we lucking out in the chocolate-covered everything department? Or are we missing out on popular other-worldly delicacies like roasted bee larvae or deep-fried silkworms? Chocolate-infused ground mealworms? Crickets, grasshoppers, winged ants, locusts….

In a pinch, trapped in the wilderness with nothing but a leftover Hershey bar from s’mores night at the campground you (maybe drunkenly) wandered away from, I suppose chocolate-dunked beetles might not sound so bad. Hey, Hakuna-Matata. Just make sure they’re not dung beetles.

While someday I might get up the gumption to crunch on a chocolate-covered locust, I think I’ll stick with chocolate-dipped bacon on a stick for now.

Mealworm Truffles with Perching Grasshopper for dessert, anyone?

chocolate-covered mealworms and grasshopperYou Do You, Mama
Image by Isa KARAKUS from Pixabay


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