Summer is a great break for students.  However, it can also lead to regressions in a student's learning. Teachers spend most of August simply helping kids get acclimated back to school, and students are not academically where they were...
We all want the best for our kids—we want them to take our triumphs and improve upon them, avoid our mistakes, and generally be more successful. Tessa wrote about ways to set up your teen for success in high...
In my job I often get to go to teachers’ classrooms and talk to the students about money, saving, credit, budgeting, and other topics. One of my favorite things to do is to play money games with the kids...
Rarely is it just one issue that causes parents to consider to homeschool their children. Often it is a combination of reasons. Schooling at home (or anywhere for that matter) is an extremely personal choice and the reasons for doing so are wide and varied.
This post came up because of a conversation with other OMB writers.  Specifically, Catherine said she was going to come and sit in on my class this fall; although the semester has started and her attendance has been pretty...
As a parent and a teacher, I have a pretty good view of both sides.  If teachers hold the standard high for students, parents hold the standards even higher for teachers.

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Omaha Donut Shops + Bucket List

Ahh, donuts…or doughnuts! However you spell it, they are the quintessential pastry that are universally loved! And who else needs donuts more than the moms...

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