Sunni is a wife, a mother, a step-mother, and a teacher. Her husband has 3 older kids (Michael 18, Allison, and Molly 17) from a previous marriage and together they have 2 kids (Jonah 12 and Brooklyn 5). They live right in the heart of Omaha, and Sunni teaches at a private school in West Omaha. She teaches English and Reading at the middle school level. Her husband David is a physical therapist and has his own clinic in affiliation with Children's Hospital in west Omaha. They both love helping others, writing, traveling, being outside, and forever learning and growing in what we do!

How to Keep Your Kids Interested in Their Summer Reading

Because I am an English teacher, I'm always encouraging children to read. Parents ask me time and again “How can I get my kid to read?” When it comes to encouraging children to read over...

Fall Activities for Kids

The fall season is fun. Everyone enjoys the cooler weather and changing colors. But it can honestly be chaos as well-getting back into a school routine and trying to squeeze in all the fun...

Talking to Your Child About Suicide

It started out as just one. One well-known person committed suicide on June 5, 2018. I held my breath and hoped my almost 12-year-old, Jonah, didn't see the headlines. The next day brought the...

Preparing for the Next Step: Middle School

  As my first born prepares to leave elementary school, this will be a bitter-sweet next few months for me. Our family will be experiencing lots of new beginnings and all the sad endings. No...

An Unexpected Tradition

We started a Mother’s Day tradition a few years ago, even though we didn’t even know we were doing it at the time. It was fairly simple, but it has blossomed into something so...

Snow Day Activities

No matter how many times I complain about the Omaha weather, I must admit that I’m always just as excited as the kids are to hear there is a snow day.
Teacher Gift

Teacher Gift Giving Guide

You know they’re not making millions, but you want them to know you appreciate what they do. How do you find a good, meaningful teacher gift?

‘Tis the Season for Flu Shots

Probably one of the most challenging things as a parent is dealing with childhood vaccinations. I am not here to debate on whether you should or should not vaccinate your child. What I am here to discuss is how you deal with the reality of getting shots as your child grows. 

News, Media, Peers, and your Child

But you sigh and realize that in this day in age, hearing or seeing information about an event in the media is inevitable.

Building a Bridge Between Parent and Teacher

As a parent and a teacher, I have a pretty good view of both sides.  If teachers hold the standard high for students, parents hold the standards even higher for teachers.

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